I haven't been here in 35 years. An invite from Power Ministry to speak at their annual fund raising golf outing on Saturday.  Our host family, Scott and Kristy Anderson live in Riverside, CA. They live in, without question, the most beautiful house I've ever been in. We stayed in the guest house, adjoining the main house. Scott was in the colonia last year helping build a house that Power provided the funds for.
  Several Power guys kept us busy, golfing, dining, golfing, dining, golfing, dining. We spoke at thier fundraising event Saturday night after golfing all day. They raised an amazing amount Saturday, well over their anticipated amount, to fund their ministry for next year's building, and blessing blitz in Mexico.
  We fly home today, and get back to work. Hulls Grove church arrives next Saturday and we'll be building and working in Mexico all week. We can't wait to see them.


  Our road trip to Ramos Arizpe in the Mexican State of Couhilla to visit Gator and Deanna Carter in Big Heart of the Moutains, was short but sweet. We all met at Big Heart in Reynosa and loaded up some things to take them. A grill, laundry soap, water, kitchen stuff, and spices.
  We Stopped at El Fogon on the way out of town and spent $50.00 on tacos to go. We ate some and took Gator the rest. We arrived 3 1/2 hours later. It's such a nice place, and there is plenty of room, and work to do there. We are encouraging teams to fly to Monterey, Mx. and spend a week with us there. House building in the colonia in Reynosa is limited at this time.
  Yesterday we bought tile for our floor in Mexico . Only 350 dollars for the materials. Andres and a couple other guys will install it this week. No more cold concrete floor.
   Power Ministry has invited Paula and I to come to California for their annual fund raising golf outing on Saturday.  I'll speak at the banquet, sharing about how Power Ministry has blessed us, and so many other ministries in Mexico. We've never been to CA together. I haven't been there for over 25 years , since my trucking days.
  Hulls Grove church arrives next Saturday evening and will be staying at the Community Center in Mexico. We'll be working on a house in the colonia, also Melodys Orphanage, the dump, and our house. They are coming from North Carolina and might even cancel or postpone their trip in light of Hurricane Florence.


  This morning ,7 of us are heading to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo,  Mexico. It's about 180 miles from here and absolutely beautiful. Well if you like the High Desert! Gator and Deanna have officially moved there and we're heading to take them supplies to help them operate the orphanage.
  We have been in Mexico all week with Paula's sewing class, and Sergio  Andres, and me finishing the insulation and drywall in our house. The only thing left to do is the floor. The exposed concrete floor is starting to flake and pop off in spots. The ceramic tile will make it so much nicer and easier to clean.
  Gotta get going, thanks for the prayers and support.


  Being on the road is what we have to do, considering our family and partners are spread across the country. We arrived home Saturday night after helping Kelly move into her new digs in Breckenridge, Colorado .A beautiful, but albeit, expensive place to live. Lots of help, both loading and unloading the rental truck. Our stay at The Prospect R.V. Park in Wheat Ridge, CO. Was short but sweet, when the owners blessed us with a free stay at their camp ground. They said they just wanted to bless us for being a blessing to the poor. FAVOR JUST SEEMS TO CHASE US DOWN!!
  We stayed two nights in Breckenridge and headed South Friday morning.
  The new R.V. runs great, and handles even better. A few problems with the A/C and generator while plugged in to outlets, but the dash board A/C works great while driving down the road.
  We  were glad to make it home for church Sunday, and spent part of Monday in the colonia. ROHI Foundation leaders Scott and Cory we're in Mexico working out details of building a wall around the schools in the colonia for security reasons. We donated towards that effort of keeping the kids safe.
  Yesterday we visited Melodys Orphanage and met the new kids that have been entrusted to Jaime and Rosalba. They are so nice, and are experiencing God's love. The total is 7 kids now, and we are trusting God to bring in the support needed for their care. If anyone wants to support the orphanage , send us checks to Mexico Missions and mark Melodys Orphanage  in the memo, and we'll get it to them. Thanks for all the support.