A good friend and supporter of our ministry as well as Big Heart Orphanage called and asked me to take him and his wife out to visit Gator and Deanna at the Casa Hogar la Montana in Ramos Arizpe. We were just there a few days ago,  but we're always willing to take anyone who wants to go. We picked up Marty and Denise Moore Saturday morning 🌄 and arrived by noon.

  There was a missions team from Reynosa there mixing concrete,  painting and helping out. The kids were all gone to visit family for the weekend for the first time since March, and we surely missed seeing them, but it gave the staff a much needed break.

  Marty and Denise were impressed by the orphanage situated on over 30 acres. We gave them the tour of the facility and joined the team for lunch. The building projects are progressing well,  the Bobcat has done its job and the foundation for the bathrooms and kids dorm rooms is almost ready to be formed and poured.

  Gator and Deanna took the 4 of us out to dinner in Saltillo Saturday night. A temperature check and hand sanitizer greeted us at the door, even a foot sanitizer was in place to step on. We enjoyed the food, but our conversations were drowned out by some loud live music 🎶 😪.  Oh well, we're all old and would have rather talked than listen to music. 😆. 

  We drove back home Sunday morning and had a 2 hour wait on the bridge to return to the US. Paula and I returned to Mexico today after buying 250 dollars worth of diapers for the stranded families in Mexico trying to get to the US. Its not going to happen any time soon, and they have no money to go back where they came from.  So 😥. 

   Lunch at Melodys Orphanage on our way out of Mexico,  always a treat. Jaime and Rosalba took all the kids at the orphanage away for the weekend to a rental house near the mountains. The first time since march that the younger kids have been out of the orphanage due to covid. They showed us the science project that they're working on, growing things from seeds.