Power to serve, Power to love, Power to trust, Power to overcome. These are just a few of the Powers you receive from The Holy Spirit. Many of these attributes were present when Power Ministry comes to town. Saturday they came back with group 2 to work on the house. We had put the loft in, rafters and purlins on before they came back to put the roof on and the windows and door.
  Sunday Power came back with all 80 men for their worship and devotion time. It was an anointed time again. Paula sold out her quilts and took orders for another 10 that the girls are busy making.
  Today Steve came with us to wire the house for electric. Our electricity went out, so Sergio bypassed the system and we ran a generator to keep the sewing machines running. Hopefully the roof metal I ordered comes in tomorrow so we can install the last two pieces we were short on the roof.
   I managed to get all of the year end tax statements done and in the mail. What a blessing it was to see just how many people gave of their resources to support the ministry. I think there were about 90 different donors, how blessed are we! THANK you a thousand times over for your generous support.

We joined the Carpenter's Crew Friday as they dedicated Glories house in Progresso .


  Last week, we cut and painted the wood for the house next to the Community Center. The foundation has been there over a year. Power Ministry is coming to build it.
  Sunday morning, 85 men from Power came to worship at our place . The men arrived to A table of Empanadas that Paula and China made, and coffee. They grabbed some of the snacks and sat down to worship. It's really a joyful noise. It reminded me of the Promise Keepers events I attended. I once again was able to strap on my guitar and join the worship team. The word was shared on sowing and reaping. One of my favorite subjects.
  They bought all of Paula's quilts, many t shirts, one guy stuck a hundred dollars in my hand during a handshake. They left and headed to Alliansa Mega Church in Reynosa for their service. Sergio, Andres and I went as well.
  Monday their team came to build. Scott Anderson was the team leader. We stayed at his house in California last Sept. When we attended Powers Golf Outing in Riverside. We got a lot done in only 5 working hours. Yesterday Power Ministry provided us with a load of beans and rice, and over 1000 bibles. They left town yesterday to head back to San Antonio to drop this group off and pick up group 2.


  Last Saturday we held our monthly food outreach in the colonia. We had beans, rice, oil, flour and Christmas gifts for the kids.  A mix up in communication brought the new colonia that's outside of Nopalera at the same time. We had over 400 people in attendance. The worship time led by David Garcia was awesome.
  I told the people to pray for God to multiply the food, knowing we didn't have enough. I instructed those that came first to only take what they needed. If they had beans, don't take beans, and so on. We were able to give every family something. Praise the Lord! Power Ministry provided us with 200 soccer balls last month and Fortify Ministries gave us bags of stuffed animals. They were all given out to kids with a big smile on their face.
  The Power Ministry comes next week to build a house next to the Community Center. The house will be used as a transition house for families in need, or for our faithful worker Andres and his family. Pastor Antonio and Johnny have been helping paint everything.
  The Carpenter's Crew Senior group is in town and building a couple smaller houses in Progresso , Mexico. We're trying to balance the two teams, and Shawn and Carla Estes are helping the Crew with their building projects. There is very little gas available in Mexico all week, so I've been sifoning gas from my van to help them get to work and school.