Saying it is one thing, believing it and actually acting on that belief is a tough thing to do. Only what's done for Christ will last! What happens to all the selfish stuff we've Done? The bible says that it will all be burned up, like Wood, hay and stubble. So then, how shall we live? By doing absolutely nothing out of selfing amention. OUCH!!!
    The last several days have beenot full of Things I hope won't be burned up. We bought and delivered new doors, more tile, a well pump and money to pay the taxes at Melody Orphanage.  We painted all the wood for Santa's house, no not Clause, Sergio and I  finished hooking up hot water and a pressure pump in the bathrooms, and today we built the 4 walls on the house,
   Our friends from Hulls Grove Baptist Church will be here Saturday afternoon and that evening we will attend a Quincinera in the Colonia. We got a good start on the house today, so theyou can spend more time ministering to the people in the Colonia.
   Blake and Summer Petty were here last weekend and they helped us in the colonia Thursday and we went with them to Rio Bravo Friday, where they had classes teaching women to make jewelry from guitar strings and wire. So send us old guitar strings.


    There are so many kids attending the Blue School on the other side of the canal. They are packed every day wall to wall. Yesterday ROHI FOUNDATION had a school supplies and shoe outreach. We had several boxes of donated supplies from Elim Christian ServiceService, Orland Park IL.  Rohi volunteers took the bags and filled themwith more supplies.  A much needed Blessing for the kids.
    We stopped by Melody Orphanage on the way home to see the progress. The upstairs tile is almost done, the kitchen is all back together, and we'll be shopping for tile for downstairs next week.


   Tonight as I sit at the computer, tired and ready for bed, I'm entering the months donations into our data base before I make copies of the checks for the Home Office and then deposit them. I want you to know, that as I enter the donations I think about you and pray for you. I think it's one of the best times of the month. Not because of the money, but because you care enough and believe enough in what we do to entrust us with a portion of your finances. I'm really quite humbled by it every month. We are all Gods workmanship, created in Christ to do the work that God himself prepared in advance for us to do, that we should walk in it. Ephesians 2 vs 10. You all are so valuable to the Kingdom and His work and I just wanted to thank you for what you do. Were co-laborer's in Christ and were storing up treasure in Heaven together. What an honor and a privilege we all have. We only get this one chance on Earth to serve Him.
    Tomorrow we go to Mexico early to help The Rohi Foundation give out school supplies to the kids at the schools across the canal. We had several hundred bags to give out, but Cory took them all up to Austin and really filled them up with a lot more supplies. The schools are doing well, but need more space. I looked into the empty classrooms today and saw wall to wall desks where the kids come to learn. The class rooms are packed and were going to do something about it. Maybe the Power Ministry will help? Maybe all the groups coming at the beginning of the year will help, instead of building houses, we'll build a future for the kids? Maybe after we finish Melody Orphanage, I'll build them?
   The past week was busy, even though Paula was sick. She still held her sewing classes, Sergio, Jaime' and I hooked up electricity in the bathrooms for lights, a water heater, and a possible Jacuzzi, just kidding. We also ran 220 wire for another mini split A/C unit in the Community Center, them ladies sure make it hot in there with all those sewing machines running, and one unit is not enough. Last night we went to David and Luzmas for an Independence Day celebration. we didn't stay very long, but the food and fellowship was great.


  This morning our new partners from Iowa all headed back North to go home and tell friends and family about their experiences in Mexico this week. They bagged up hundreds of bags of beans and rice,  built a beautiful house for Rachael and her daughter Adriana,  put a roof on a church in the colonia, poured a concrete floor for the next house, laid down hundreds of square feet of tile in Melody Orphanage  and blessed Paula and me with their sacrifice to the Lord. The least we could do was take them out to supper last night at La Differente  restaurant in Reynosa for steak and chicken fajitas.  They've already booked their next trip for January 8th of 2017. Thanks Tyson for putting together an awesome group. So the "Amber Alert" has been sounded. See you all next year.


   Monday morning,  Tyson, Amber,Kathy, Leah, Darell, Mark, Brendon,  Austin, Preston and Wendel joined us for the next few days to build a house for Rachael and her daughter Adriana. By days end, the house was done!!! The only thing left to do Tuesday  was to build the porch, wire the electrical, decorate and dedicate it. The family made us chicken for lunch, and the made even more for the dedication.
   We were so excited to be able to finish and dedicate the house on Tuesday because Kathy and Leah had to leave Wednesday morning. It was a tearful ando joyous dedication as we sang songs, prayed and had the opportunity to Praise God for His allowing us to serve him in this manner. As Amber handed the keys to Rachael,
    We were all rejoicing. 10 hours of actual building time and Rachael and her daughter Adriana have a new home. Today the two girls flew home and we went back to Mexico and poured the foundation for a Christian women named Santa,  which means Holy. Hulls Grove Baptist Church will be Blessing Santa with the house in a few weeks when they come to represent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the colonia. So we poured the concrete and then headed to Pastor Victor's church and fixed the leaking roof, that I've been meaning to fix.
    Tomorrow we head over to Melody Orphanage in Reynosa and the team is going to lay down some tile upstairs in the Orphanage.  We'll finish a little early and hang some cabinets for Paula in our house in Mexico.  Whew, I'm tired just typing all that these guys have done. Gracias my new friends from Iowa.


   Day one with a group of 7
 guys and 3 girls in mexico doing the job we've been called to do. God has blessed us with a opportunity to praise his Son in using some of the gifts he has given us. The assignment was to finish a house for a fellow sister in Christ. The weather was supposed to be a hindrance because of heat  But we were blessed with cloud cover and breezes all Gifts from the Lord almighty!  The house was the assignment but the sense of community and fellowship is the true finished product. CHRIST ALONE makes this possible for a crew of ten started but we finished with a family of many more.  Even though we do not live in this house Christ who lives in all of us thru the Holy Spirit does.  The blessings we gave pales in comparison to the blessings we receive..  Thank you Lord for what you have given.


  As this week starts, a first time group from Iowa arrived last night, led by Tyson Smith. Tyson has been here twice with the teams from Western Illinois.  We'll be building a house for a single Mom.
    Last week,  Paula's sewing class celebrated three birthdays. These women sure love the time they spend together. A few of the Ladies helped clean our house in the Colonia. 6 weeks of free wheeling spiders.
    Been busy with things in Mexico,  paying to cross things at the border is so less stressful and we've gotten some tile for the Orphanage and lots of beans and rice across. Money well spent. Too many stories of missionary's getting their vehicles confiscated.
   Big Heart Orphanage director Gator Carter blessed me by fixing my trailer last week. New hitch and a new floor. Gracias