Our lives really are a symphony being played by God. Everything being worked out according to His good pleasure. The House Church from Cicero IL is here this week. A small church plant with 15 members.  12 of them are here on a missionsunny trip. Their Pastors name is Brian Revor. They all call him "REV". Brian and I  went to grade school together 50 years ago. While we've been talking about the past, we discovered we actually went to kindergarten together as well at Palos United Methodist Church, 55 years ago.                                            So all these years later,  God brings us together to serve Him together.  There's no explanation except God. The Group rented a van to drive 1500 miles here, straight through  to come to Church with us on Easter. They arrived, we went to church,  ate a fabulous meal prepared by Scott and Joanna for us, went to Mexico to meet the family,  shared the Gospel with them, all accepted Christ, came back to Texas,  ate again, Whew what a wonderful day. Yesterday We Had To tear down the rest of the house, square up the foundation,  and build a much different house than normal. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED


    Yesterday when Paula and I crossed the border back into the U.S. Paula read a Facebook post announcing the death of good friend and fellow servant. Dave Siirtola died of a heart attack on the way to work while driving his pick up truck. We spoke to his wife Loni last night  on the way home, what a shock to hear the news. Dave and Loni have been coming to Mexico for years from their home in Hancock, Michigan way up on the Upper Peninsula. They had joined us several years back and have been coming every spring either alone or with a small group to "spend " themselves on behalf of the poor. Dave loved the kids more than building the house. He spent most of his time here playing with them, and figuring a way to bless them with some new twist on the house. Paula and I have tried to make it up to the U.P. every other year or so when we travel, visiting supporters and friends. It's a long way up to the U.P., but always worth the drive. It's so beautiful and quiet up there. The last time we were there was with Alan and Lynnea a few years ago and we had a great time with Dave and Loni.
    Dave and Loni were just speaking about getting their tickets to come down here before Daves well drilling business started back up in the spring. Please pray for Loni and the family as they go through this tough time. WE'LL MISS YOU DAVE, BUT SEE YOU REAL SOON.


   This past week had me and Carmelo building in a colonia we had never been to before. At first look, you would think it better than the colonia along the canal, but in reality, it was a disaster waiting to happen.  The roofs are caving in from the lack of support,  tons of debris and discarded junk was piled on the tin roof to hold it down because of the lack of fasteners. But that all changes when God answers their prayers.  Sometimes we have to wait until just the right time for God to show up and change the situation. He sent us there, and then spoke to the hearts of people to send the resources needed to make a difference. It was just me, Carmelo and the people that live there, taking what was falling down and making it a livable home. There were several requests from Neighbors to come and help them as well.                                                  Yesterday I attended a huge outreach and celebration held by the ROHI Foundation in the colonia after 32 people from Austin came for several days to "spend " themselves on behalf of the poor.  They finished the water lines on the south side of the canal,  cleaned and restored the bath house, held a medical clinic, painted faces, and shared the Easter story to a crowd of hundreds. 180 pounds of chicken was grilled and a few of us led everyone in worship and fun songs. Another great week


   When the groups all go back to their homes and jobs and schools and lives apart from a week long missions trip, I'm always amazed at what God does through His children, when they make themselves available. It's hard to say goodbye to so many that have become such a huge part of our life and ministry. But we know we'll see everyone this summer, so just a BIG OLE GOD BLESS YOU-ALL.
   Dedication day last week was awesome, no really! Nate, David and I led the people in a few worship songs, Nate, Travis and Quinten shared Gods Word and prayed for the families as they entered into the area of Gods material blessings on their lives. They were all overwhelmed by it all. As everyone headed over to Pasor Antonios Church for hot dogs, shoe box gifts for all the kids, Carmelo and I were the last down the road. A women waved us over and asked if we could pray for her Husband Rogelio, so we entered the house and Carmelo anointed him and his whole family with oil and prayed for him. I could sense Gods Power in the room, shortly there after, Rogelio was praying to ask for Gods forgiveness and salvation. WOW what a moment!
     We all were gathered at the Church, and hundreds of people were there, waiting for the food and gifts. I shared with everyone just how lucky they were to have these Americans come and help them with so much, Houses, food, water lines, power. Many families in other parts of Mexico would die to have such help on a regular basis. We handed out the hot dogs, chips, juice boxes and gave each child a shoe box full of goodies. A visit to Gators orphanage, followed by a trip to Casa Mami Orphanage where the children sang to us and I had the privilege of playing my guitar and singing a few songs with them as well.
   Yesterday Carmelo and I went with another Missionary to a house in Reynosa where 19 people live amidst a roof thats falling in and walls that are falling out. They are all living in two of the five rooms because of the safety issues. These are people with no means of helping themselves, they live day to day, just to feed everyone. Mom and a couple of kids speak English, so I'm looking forward to getting to know their story as God puts their house and life back into order. I texted a brother the same photo you see here, and he said that God was speaking to his heart to send us a thousand dollars before he even knew about the need. GOD ALWAYS GOES BEFORE US!!!
     So we've gotten 12000 feet of water lines installed, that's right 12000. It costed us $5000.00. That's only 40 cents a foot. We have about 20,000 feet to go. We had a couple contact us the other day, desiring to send us a $5000.00 gift. UNBELIEVABLE, no totally believable. I have issued a dollar for dollar challenge up to $5000.00 to get this water project done. I GET TO MAKE THE MATCHING FUNDS OFFER WITH OTHER PEOPLES MONEY-- LETS GO!!!!!