Water is probably the number one prayer request in the colonia. As we pulled up to 93 year old Guadalupes' house yesterday to fill up her empty barrel with the life sustaining liquid, she praised the Lord for answering her prayer lifted up just hours before. We put a huge water tank in my truck and filled it with water from the well that doesn't serve people at the farthest ends of the colonia. We gave each family about 20 gallons and returned to the well for a second fill up. After we gave that out I realize that there are still many families to get water to and will continue the water distribution next week. We have been pumping water from the canal for people that need that water to wash their clothes. As I write this, Paula and Raul are over in the colonia handing out this months food to all that will come. We prepared enough for about 150 families Thursday. They will also be giving out school supplies and shoes we have. We have all the sponsored kids registered for school, and some started Monday and the rest will start next week. 22 kids were sponsored, so thank you so much to all that gave to make this a reality. Pastor Victor has been busy taking all the families that took advantage of the Casa Mami Orphanage program that allows children to stay at the orphanage all week and attend school in Reynosa and many of the parents are helping out at the orphanage during the week. In all, I think there are another 25 kids from the colonia staying at the orphanage during the week and coming home on weekends. PRAISE THE LORD FOR GETTING THESE KIDS IN SCHOOL!!!


Yesterday we spent the day rounding up all the kids and parents that are receiving school sponsorship from some very generous people that understand the importance of education, especially in the lives of the underprivileged children in the colonia. With $100.00 donated for each child to get them registered and their uniforms for the year, we have to date enough money for 22 children of which 19 have been sponsored so far. We are praying for many more kids to be in school this year and will not refuse sponsorship to any, regardless of the donation being made or not. We have some notebooks and supplies left over from last year, but will need to buy more as the need presents itself. We are still finding some families in need of temporary shelter and thanks to a generous donation of ten huge new tents, and some much needed mosquito nets, these needs are being met. The water in Flores De Mayo is slowly going down, and we heard the water in the old colonia we use to work in has gone down and the people are starting the clean up process. We will try to get cases of bleach over there this week. As we try to get back into the swing of things here after such a long time away, it's always hard to see so families with so many needs, but God knows all of our and their needs and promises to meet them. So thanks to so many of you for partnering with us to be Jesus' heart, filled with compassion, when He saw the needs of the people.