Thursday the Carpenters Crew  Mature group put the finishing touches on the house that they built for a very special couple. Jose and Josefina have been waiting patiently for several months as they watched us build houses for their children.  We'll Thursday it was their turn to rejoice, and rejoice they did. They were both very emotional as they thanked the team for coming to be Jesus with skin on. The Garcia Family came to lead us in song, and a little dancing as well. Carmelo gave his testimony and as is always the case, the Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of three of the neighbors and they accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. What a great week  we all had with a very hard working crew.  Most of them left today,  but a few came across the border with us to attend the monthly food outreach this morning. Another 150 families were in attendance and before Pastor JaimeS message,  we gave out 20 bibles to hungry souls. The next Carpenters Crew starts building on Monday and we look forward to seeing God move in the colonia.




    The longer I put off posting on the blog the harder it is to sum all that has been going on. Although I have tried ,unsuccessfully to post pictures because of the internet at the house, much has done. Paula and I spent last week on a the Family Life Cruise that was donated by some supporters. A 5 day retreat on board a Carnival Cruise Ship. We enjoyed the time away with 3 other couples, eating, laughing, worshiping and attending some great teaching seminars. We met some great people along the way and are grateful for the gift that was given us. It was kind of a world wind tour that ended to quickly.
   Paula has yet to hold and kiss our granddaughter Lea, and as soon as time allows, she will be heading to Chicago to do just that. But for now at least, pictures and videos will have to do.
    We got home Saturday night and the Carpenters Crew started building Jose and Josephinas house on Monday. Yesterday we all but finished most of the house and today we will put the finishing touches on it and dedicate it Thursday afternoon after a visit to an orphanage in Reynosa. It's amazing to watch Gods people work so hard in the heat and get the house built. Yesterday was in the 90's, but last night a cool front came through and we will enjoy the 70's today and tomorrow.
    As we were building yesterday, Josephina was overwhelmed with emotion while talking with Carmelo and he brought her into the house with tears running down her face as she looked around. We all gathered around her and prayed a prayer of Thanksgiving for the great gift that is blessing her and her husband with.
   Paula had her sewing class yesterday, with a few new faces joining in the class. The Net Menders did a lot of work on the kitchen in the Community Center. New cabinets, a stove, electrical wiring, tile, counter tops, and a soon to be installed water heater and sink. WHAT A BLESSING.


    I'm really getting excited about being a Grandfather. Me a Grandpa! I'm going crazy trying to pack for ten days in Chicago, followed by 5 days on a Cruise ship. It's warm here, cold in Chgo, and most likely hot on the cruise. I HATE PACKING!!! Paula and Kelly took Kristin for her last ultrasound the other day and Lea is not ready to be smothered in Love, yet! We would all ask for prayer that Lea would be born while were all there. Kelly has to leave next week and Paula and I have to leave, so we really like God to make it happen sooner rather than later.
    Carmelo and I spent Monday driving around sharing the gospel with a whole lot of people in the colonia. Funny thing, that one family said that they had never heard it explained the way Carmelo has a gift of doing. We visited Octavio, Zochille, and their son Octavio also, to check up on them after we met them last week and gave them a whole lot of things they needed. Octavio had clearly moved towards repentance and Faith in Christ. His countenance had changed since we met him and shared with him and then prayed with him. Praise the Lord.
    We also helped a family with cement for their roof. They had about 2 thirds of the money, so we helped them out with the rest. The wood came for the two projects The Carpenters Crew will do the first week of March. Jovani and his brother in Law will get everything painted by the time the team arrives.
    Over 5 years ago, Eliazar Jr. lost his leg in a car accident and we bought him a prosthetic  leg, off of E-Bay. Well it's starting to wear out, so I need to find him a new one or some replacement parts for the existing one.
   Tile was installed in the kitchen of the Community Center and there should be a finished kitchen when we return. The Netmenders .org is donating the kitchen to us. PTL!!!
    Ok I really gotta go and finish up things around here.
      WE LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS AND SUPPORT, THAT KEEPS US KEEPING ON. Those of you that attend Moraine Valley, we'll see you Sunday, hopefuly with news of a new born baby girl maned Lea.