Giving is such a hard subject to discuss with people. I know our Pastor would love to just share the principles over and over until the body really understood what the JOY of giving, and the promises of of God to those that give are. Our church here is really getting slammed by the amount given every week under the budget. Sometimes as much as 50% under budget. Our missions committee had to make some tough decisions and as a result, cut us off as well as several other missionaries that our church supported. Now at first we were a little shocked and hurt for that matter,that we would get cut off completely. After all, we supply all the beans and rice that the church gives out at their monthly outreach to the poor. But a deeper realization came to mind, the church is filled with unbelievers!!! Yea that's right, It's the unbelieving heart and their failure to trust God that keeps people from enjoying the pleasure of sharing in Gods work around the world. One man from our church that knew we got cut off asked us how much we were getting, because he would like to donate that amount every month to make up for the loss. I told him it was 3 thousand dollars a month and you should have seen his face. I quickly assured him that it was only a couple hundred a month and he JOYFULLY  wrote me a check for that amount. So you see God knows, God cares, and God is able. We didn't feel like we lost a supporter when our church stopped supporting us, we think that the church lost the opportunity to position itself to prosper, because Proverbs 19 vs 17 says " he who gives to the poor lends to the Lord and the Lord will repay him for his service to the poor.
   As you can see in this picture, this Pastor and his family came for a little bit of food for his church, and I blew them away by filling their truck to overflowing with more than they dreamed of getting. Yesterday while we were in Mexico, we met a few families that need a house and we talked and prayed with them about that possibility, I also visited Pastor Jaimes building in Downtown Reynosa where they are  turning an old house into an orphanage. It need a lot of work, but the city gave them the property, so I'll try and get one or two teams next year to help out there. I also visited a new church that has only walls, and needs a roof. ( so much to do, so little time ) Paulas a bit under the weather just as I was for a few days, something stomach related is going around.


As we spent the last week getting enough food across the border for yesterdays outreach, there were a few times that I asked myself if it was really worth the effort? We see so many ministries start something and then after a short period of time, when the excitement wears off and it becomes just another thing to "do", it fades away into a story of " hey do you remember when we used to such and such for the Lord"? We get that way every once in a while. Yesterday was no exception. We have been doing the community food outreach every month for seven years. And for seven years we have experienced a lot of what we think Jesus experienced and experiences still every day, the Joy of being obedient to your Father, while you are reviled in the eyes of some of those you minister to. We love love love it!!!  Yesterday  Paula and I figured it out while sitting in line on the bridge coming home. It's the suffering we must endure until the end. Not the serving part, we love serving the people, it's the being reviled by some that you try to help that hurts, like our "job" is to serve them. But we laughed and thanked God for the opportunity to " suffer" a little bit for his names sake.
   Enough babbling, yesterday was great, 300 people came for food, we worshiped our Great and Awesome God in song, and Jaime shared from the book of James about prayer, I shared a bit about pressing through in prayer and not quitting to pray because someone you prayed for healing dies. The girls had a great time with the clothes outreach, and I was able to help a family move all their stuff from one house to another, as well as deliver a bed to the family who's house is pictured on this page. Pretty sad little house that leaks every where, has a dirt floor and no windows. I'll try to save it for a team coming next year, but they'll probably have a house before then.


     Many many years ago the Morris family from Lockport, IL would join us and many others on missions trips with Strategic Alliance to build houses in Mexico. Well Jimmy Jr who was 12 or 13 at the time along with his brother Dan, who was 5 at the time, bought this bus for a Pastor/ Missionary in Belize. They drove it to our house to leave it here until they return in a month or so to make the long trip to Belize. I will get the paper work done before they return to make the hassle at the border in Mx less, we hope! Any how, I'm kinda planning on joining them on the journey and I have asked Carmelo if he would like to go. I'm thinking of towing our car behind the bus or just driving along with them. Phil and Marianne are making the trip to Chiapas about the same time, so we will have a four vehicle convoy, which would be best for traveling so far. Pray for wisdom as we decide what to do.
    Last Saturday, the Power Team paid a visit to us in search of projects for their teams next year. We don't have anything pressing but we had few building needs. We enjoy their company, but they are always against the time bandit and can never stay very long because they have many other ministries to visit while on their scout out trip. So we had lunch and they were heading on to another ministry visit.
    The biggest news of the week was Jonah asking Emily to marry him while over in the colonia. They are from Alabama and met while here on a missions trip a few years ago with Roy and Rebeccas Ministry. We returned to our house for a little bit and by the time we returned to Roys,  Jonah already popped the question, So Congrats to them and that makes four weddings that we know of that have been birthed by two people meeting and falling in love on a missions trip to Mexico. So if you want to find a mate..... You know what to do! When you get involved with what God is doing, He will get involved with what your doing and give you the desires of your heart.
 We spent all day Tuesday , Tuesday night and yesterday in Mexico. I was sick and after we took the kids to school,  I went to a doctor in mexico, and she gave me a couple prescriptions. While at the doctors,it started  raining so hard the streets were flooded in no time. It was pretty nasty and I didn't think the van would make of out the colonia,so we spent the night.


    My greatest conversations in this life are with those that share the same gifts as me. When you come in contact with people, even though it is quite rare, with the gifts of giving and serving we feed off of each others stories about how God is using their gifts to bless others. We dedicated Henry and Saraies house yesterday that took them from a literal pit, to the little palace. The funds came from a brother with the gift of giving. He gave us a donation to help our ministry and we gave Henry and Saraie and their two kids a home. Him and His wife also put up most of the money and bought a widow and her 11 children a 15 passenger van just because I had told him about her and the tragic death of her husband. I didn't ask him to help her, GIVERS HEAR FROM GOD , AND DO WHAT GOD TELLS THEM, SELFISH PEOPLE ASK, ' WHAT ABOUT ME , WHAT ABOUT ME???!!! When a giver, gives to another giver, that gives it to a poor family, I think I can state with a matter of fact, that God is glorified. So when I talk about the need to give to those in need, I'm not looking for donations to our ministry, I'm looking for God to raise up people that don't give a rip about themselves and their own needs, but look for a way for God to funnel money through them for the benefit of others.
    While we dedicated the house and shared the Gospel with the family and their neighbors, The Holy Spirit started moving in the hearts of those in attendance. Jorge lives next door and with tears in his eyes said that he accepted Christ a few years back, but never saw any change in his life. After the dedication he rode back with us to pick up a bike that we offered him, to get to work. While there Paula and I shared about the need to spend time in Gods presence and His word and I guaranteed him that he would change as he renewed his mind with the Truth of Gods Word. We prayed and sealed the deal for him, and look forward to watching him grow. He asked us to pray for him everyday and we comitted to that, and we would ask you to pray for Jorge as well.
 So another great week in our lives, capped off by Jorges' desire to follow Jesus. We rarely got home before dark all week, so today we'll stay home and get caught up on things. Our partners with the Power Ministry are coming tomorrow to visit us on their scout out trip this week, seeking various projects to keep over two hundred men busy for three weeks next January. I told them we didn't have any "real" pressing needs, but if they need something to do, I'll find a a project for them.
    I haven't even mentioned the fact that since the beginning of the Shemitah Year Sept 25th, We have Ebola in the U.S., the stock market has dropped 1000 points, Isis is kickin our ass in Iraq, and our Government is totally clueless as to what the hell is happening, AS IS THE CHURCH FOR THAT MATTER. I have ten copies of the Mystery of the Shemitah and I will send you a copy if you ask me for one.   BE BLESSED


Paula and I along with Carmelo and Ruth always say that were going to slow down a little and wait for teams to come and help us build these houses. Surly the families could wait a few more months, after all they have been living like this for years. And then you see their houses and their belongings after a big rain storm and you just gotta say, " We have to do something now". Well it's now for Henry and his family. We just couldn't stand to see them living in this 10 foot by 10 foot shack, with no windows and their two year old and 2 month old baby being exposed to such deplorable conditions. So yesterday we packed up everything they owned and tore their house down. Mice, cockroaches, ants, and I think I saw a snake leave the house while we were tearing it down. Two suitcases of clothes, a table, a crib for baby Henry that we gave them a couple months ago, and a nasty mattress on top of a ant filled box spring with no base is all they own. Pretty humbling to see how they have lived.
    Henry had poured a cement floor inside of their 10 X 10 house and extended it another 10 feet outside to accommodate the new house. Well,we battled that foundation all day to try and get a square house built on a out of square floor, and we finally got the four walls up by days end. Paula and Ruthy brought us lunch and Carmela brought some enchiladas for us as well. Good food always makes a bad building day better. A few neighbors are helping us build in exchange for some building materials that they need for their houses, and we're always grateful for the help. Buying them a few windows and some lumber is worth it to me.
   We woke up this morning to a very pleasant 58 degrees, with bright sunshine. A cold front came through and dropped the temps 20 degrees at night and the day warmed up to 85 or so with a bright blue sky. Taking off the sweatshirt by 10 o'clock   priceless. Elizabeth passed by with her twins Jose Alejandro, and Jose Beto. I call them Hose A and Hose B. They turned three years old yesterday. We built them a house when they were first born.
    I hope ya'll know what a difference you make in peoples lives by supporting the work we do here. We couldn't do it without you. Our partners truly know the grace of giving and the joy that comes from helping the poor and lifting them out of the pit and putting them in a palace. God had told us for years before we came here to just "go" and trust Him to provide and you that have an ear have heard Gods voice to join us on this wonderful mission we are on. So THANK YOU FOR GIVING TO THE LORD.BE BLESSED AND KEEP LOOKING UP, OUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR!!!!

                            ( CLICKING ON THE PHOTOS WILL ENLARGE THEM )


   The heavens declare the Glory of God. The bible says that God has given us the moon and the sun and the stars to send messages and warnings to mankind, and I believe this blood moon was another. Blood moons tell of judgement for Israel, solar eclipses tell of judgement of the nations that hate Israel. In two weeks, there is a solar eclipse to follow to days blood moon. Last april there was a full blood moon and the next day, Hamas started launching rockets into Israel. God only knows what today holds, but He is always calling out for us to be ready at all times. God is putting the heavens on display so people would be looking up instead of around. He is getting ready to humble the Nations that have rejected Him and He will use nations that don't know God to humble those that "claim" to know him. America is falling under the judgement of God for rejecting Him, His Word and His  Son.  GOD HELP THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FOR TURNING ITS BACK ON OUR ONLY HOPE!!!!!  JESUS CHRIST



    As we get back into the flow on ministry here in Mexico after our trip to Chicago, we started with the house dedication of Carlos and Virginias house that Carmelo, Zacharias, Tommy and Carlos built while we were gone. Carmelo said that there were a few problems, and he had to correct a few things, but all in all it went well and the house is awesome. Carmelo wants to get a couple different guys that are more knowledgeable of construction and carpentry and we will have them build more houses alone. On dedication day, Virginias parents and sisters came and as always, everyone who comes to a dedication or any event for that matter, hears the Gospel and are invited to respond. Well no responses, but plenty of seeds were sown into their hearts.
   Saturday we held our food outreach in the colonia and because of the changed date, the crowd was smaller than usuall. About 200 people in all came including kids. Pastor Jaime` gave a message, and so did Pastor Antonio right after we sang several worship songs with the Garcias leading worship. I was able to share a message and give the testimony about the two truck loads of beans we just received absolutely free from God. Hope Development, donated the beans from North Dakota, Wal Mart hauled them for free, and Way of The Cross Ministry in Harlingen is storing one load, and packing up the other load to be used in thier outreaches to the poor. Yea that's right! I gave one load, 44 thousand pounds of beans away to another ministry to feed the poor. Why you might ask would I give away an entire truck load of beans, when we need them for our ministry? The answer is very simple, and one which I live my entire walk of faith on. " If I keep what I have, that's all I will have. But if I give it away and place it in Gods Hands, He can take it and multiply it and give it back to me in good measure and running over". So It's simple. If you want more, you have to give more!
   I went over to Way of the Cross yesterday to pick up a few totes of beans and Ben loaded me up with almost more than the old Chevy truck could handle. 6000 lbs of beans, 2000 lbs of hominy, and 1500 lbs of  children s squeeze yogurt.
    The young couple in the one photo is desperate for a house. With all the rain last month, they almost begged us for a home. Henry built his own foundation, hoping that will speed the process along.They have two kids, a two year old daughter and a two month old baby. Their house is 10 foot by 10 foot, and consists of a bed, a crib, one small dresser and a t.v that sits on top of the dresser. No windows and a door in back. I think we can take them from the "pit" to the palace in a few days.


Even though we have returned to Texas, and spent the day in Mexico yesterday, I'm reminded that our " home" is in heaven. Not here and now, but for all eternity with our Wonderful Savior. The bible says that there is a special blessing for those that long and watch for His appearing. After  10 days of interacting with many friends and family members, only a few spoke about current events, prophetic signs, the soon return of Jesus, dying to this world and living for Christ, the blood moons and prophesy, the rise of Islam, nothing. Why? People are so caught up in this life and this world, they can't even comprehend leaving it all behind.
   I shared with so many people about the four blood moons all falling on Jewish Feast days in 2014 and 2015 and many had not even heard about them. Why? because the Devil changed the calendar hundreds of years ago, so that we would miss our appointment with God. What if you were a business man and your competition got a hold of your appointment book and changed the dates? You would miss all your appointments and loose everything. That's exactly what Satan did by changing the Jewish calendar to the Gregorian calendar. You need to check all this out for yourself and see what God says to you.
   We did have a great time in Chicago a it's always a joy to see everyone, but it always reminds me of our life before we came to Mexico. Good but not Great. Now life is Great. The colonia is still there, as are the people, so I guess they can survive without Me and Paula. Carmelo built a house while we were gone and all is well.