A flurry of activity filled our week as we prepared for today's celebration honoring the kids in Mexico, We poured a slab of concrete for the band that is coming from Jaimes church in Reynosa. We managed to get enough toys, beans and rice across the border to meet the needs of every family. we also made all the necessary preparations for the Moraine Valley Church team that comes on the 11 of May to build a house for Rogelio, Dayaneeda and their two kids Ruby and Jose.
   Paula's sewing class is really growing, with at least 10 women coming twice a week. They have a lot of quilts made and ready to be purchased. They put a lot of time and effort into these quilts, so if any one wants to buy one, text or call  Paula at 708-275-9572. She'll send photos to select from, maybe we should post them on the blog and then you can see them. At any rate, it seems that some people want to get these as cheap as possible, because we just ask to give what you feel like giving, but I'm asking you to bless the poor with your best gift.
    Today we are also giving every Mom a bottle of shampoo, a hand fan, or a little blanket as a gift for Mothers Day next week.


The last week or so has been just as busy as ever. The Campus House in Macomb IL at Western Illinois University  donated a 15passenger van to Ms Fonseca at Casino Mami Orphanage in Reynosa,  Mx. Ethan drove the van down and we invited Elma over to receive the gift. She was overwhelmed and when Paula and I gave her a check to cover registration and license fees. She circled us up and thanked God for the  blessings.                               
     Friday night,  I attended Bethany Church in Alamo. They held a Sader meal as part of the celebration of Passover.  It was a great night of worship and experience of the tradition.
     We poured a few foundations last week as we prepare to build a few houses in the next few weeks. As usual, Paula's sewing class continues to be a blessing to all that attend.


   We met Rogelio (Roger) and Dayanneeda several months ago. They have been living in a one room house with their Uncle. They have two kids Ruby who is 6 and Jose who just turned one. They had asked us if we could build them a little room off of their Uncles house. We suggested that the Uncle let them build a little house next to His. He agreed and and we bought two loads of caleche' to fill the lot in. Before even starting the process of building them a home, Rogelio asked us to pray for his legs that were injured in an accident and we did. At the same time Carmelo and I shared the Gospel with him and he accepted Christ that day. He is since been healed and is back working, He and his long time live in girlfriend got married in a civil ceremony last month and as soon as they get connected with a church and go through marriage counseling we plan on a church wedding for them as well as Anna and Miguel that we built a house for in January. They are friends and had their civil wedding on the same day in Feb. and look forward to the Big One. Anyhow, the foundation you see is for their new house. We waited several hours yesterday for materials that didn't show. So we drove around checking out prospective families for houses.
     As we drove down toward one end, we came across Cezar and Allysa chopping weeds and cleaning up a lot that Cezars Dad gave them. Cezar got Allysa pregnant and they are going to need a place to live. There is an explosion of young girls, 14, 15, 16 years old getting pregnant in the colonia. We were talking about the epidemic yesterday after we met with them. They are both 16, and life as they know it will never be the same. The great, if you can call it great, part of the problem is that they keep the baby and somehow make it work. I was sharing about when I was 16 and got my girlfriend pregnant, we just went and got an abortion, problem solved, or was it???? So when we see these young kids having babies, I'm a little more compassionate than most because of the lives that were cut short because of my "choices". At least they are letting their baby live and giving God the opportunity to use this precious life for His Glory. So there are a few young families who made a huge choice for life that we'll be building houses for in the next few months. Some may ask" aren't you rewarding bad behavior by building these kids having kids a house?" " No I say, just loving them the way Jesus loves them".



   Last week I got a call from someone who wanted to donate some "fortified rice". It was fortified alright, with cockroaches and bugs in the packages. I was appalled at the condition of the boxes, covered in dead cockroaches and fecies . They assured me the food inside the bags was good. NOT!!! Today I had to spend the day loading it all up and picking up the boxes I had already given to a couple of ministries. I hauled it all up to a rancher that had some pigs. They were happy to get the extra food. So the question is, What the heck were these people thinking? Jesus must be pleased with their sacrifice to feed the poor. Whatever you have done to the least of these, you've done it unto me, Jesus said that not me! So these well to do people just gave Jesus pig food!                                                                            On a whole much happier note, Carmelo and I took several new beds over to the house we built several weeks ago.  We were planning on taking them Thursday,  but they took up a lot of space in the Community Center.  The family was overwhelmed with the gift. They said the house we built was enough, but we serve a God who always provides MORE THAN JUST ENOUGH. We're going to have a dedication celebration tomorrow at 3pm and I'm sure we'll take some food and other gifts to the family of 12.                                            Just wanted to let people know that I have to have the surgically implanted thing in my eye removed next month. They are haulting the clinical trial  I am participating in. The injection of the medicine is working better. Bummer, another operation on my eye. I did improve a lot with last month's injection,  so Praise the Lord for that.                 THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS AND SUPPORT,  WE CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU