The group from Glencoe Baptist Church arrived last Friday to do medical missions in the prisons in Saltillo Mexico.  We unloaded their church bus and packed everthing in suitcases to cross the border.  50 suitcases in two vans plus 14 people. We were packed to the hilt. God granted us favor at the border with all that stuff.
  We stayed at Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo and Monday morning we headed to the women's prison first. 70 women, most in jail for serious crimes. They were all very nice to us and many recieved Christ as Saviour. 
 Our second prison was Juvenal males under 20 years old. About 45 young men in the prison. They were all in there for murdering someone. How sad. Several cried as we shared the Gospel with them. It was so beautiful to watch God melt their hard hearts. I believe 15 of them got saved. I promised the Warden that I would bring them soccer balls for Christmas.  They also need red polo shirts and red goodies. They all have crew cut hair and wear the same colored shirts to make it easier for the guards.
  We held two clinics the next day in freezing cold temperatures. One at Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains and the other in A colonia 30 miles away. A high of only 30 degrees, but many came. Yesterday's clinic was literally in the middle of nowhere 2 hours away. 7 miles on a rough gravel road to a little colonia that has many needs. Physically and spiritually.  We were able to meet both as 25 people accepted Christ as Saviour.
  Today is the last day at the little church in Saltillo.  Pastor Alejandro and his wife Alejandra will continue ministering to all that got saved this week.
  We head home tomorrow morning and get ready for another medical and dental clinic in the Community Center the day after Thanksgiving.
  We have lost some monthly partners this year and would ask any of you reading this blog to pray and ask God about joining us in helping the poor,  the orphanages we support, and the many outreaches we do. Although we're not building many houses lately we continue working for the Lord as He directs. Gracias