We continue to take as much beans and rice across the border almost every day.  The Mexican government is allowing us passage to help in the relief efforts. So many families are out of work, floods took everything they owned, Covid-19 is widespread.  It really is a global tragedy 😔.  We loaded a shared semi truck on Monday with enough beans, rice and clothes to keep several ministries busy meeting needs.

  We are waiting to see what the government does to help people with beds before we go buying a bunch that they won't need. There are several missions groups coming to help on the US side, but very little if any in Mexico 🇲🇽. Covid has strict restrictions on crossing into Mexico and coming back.

  Some of you may be aware that Rosalba,  Jaimes wife was in need of surgery. She gas been bleeding internally for several months. Well praise God. She had the surgery yesterday and is doing very well. The ministry paid for all her hospital expenses thanks to the generosity of Hulls Grove Baptist Church in Vale, NC. GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES!!!

  The ministry is certainly different than it used to be,  but meeting more needs, feeding more people,  and helping Orphans is our new marching order,  and we're glad to obey.

  The Bobcat finally made to the Orphanage in Saltillo and its a huge help hammering through the solid rock. We haven't been able to find time to go out the orphanage,  but maybe next month.