Where is the Turkey? Rebeca & Julu want to know.
Here is the Turkey! We celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends in the Colonia Nopalera, what a blessing to be able to share a nice meal with them Thank you Lord for the privilege and thank you Lord for all the brothers and sister in Christ that partner with us, without them we could not do what we do. Father I Lift them up to you, please keep them healthy and bless them in everything that they do for you glory, in Jesus name I pray.
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Rebeca & Roy Giving shoes
Giving food to the colonia
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Floor waiting for the walls
they got a new floor in their home
building the foundationfor their new home
homeless family praying for a home
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GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD; HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER. THEY WERE HUNGRY AND THIRSTY AND THEY CRIED OUT TO THE LORD AND HE DELIVERED THEM FROM THEIR DISTRESS. LET US GIVE THANKS FOR HIS UNFAILING LOVE AND HIS WONDERFUL DEEDS. HE SENDS FORTH HIS WORD AND HEALS US. LET US OFFER THANK OFFERINGS AND TELL OF HIS WONDERFUL WORKS WITH SONGS OF JOY. I would ask that right now you would take a moment and thank God for something, anything, despite what is going on right now in your life that makes you feel that you can't even muster up thanks for anything. Yesterday I was in kind of funk, the bank told us they would not lend us the money to buy the other house, because we give to much money away to help the poor in Mexico and don't keep enough for ourselves. Our credit score is 760 which he said was excellent but because we choose to give everything away that people sacrificially give to the ministry, that they would not take the risk to help us expand the ministry. That's when God told me to give THANKS. THANKS for not giving the bank enough interest to build four or five more houses over the next year, THANKS that we will remain debt free, THANKS so we can continue to give everything away that's put in our hands. THANKS that when our house sells, we can pay cash for the other one. THANKS that Gods plans are better than mine. I stopped at the office on the bridge on my way to Mexico to get another book of free toll tickets, THANKS LORD, and was greeted by the mayor of Pharr and the bridge supervisor. They were enjoying turkey dinner and asked if we could possibly help them help a senior citizen home in Rio Bravo Mx. They need adult diapers and food. We were just given 5 cases of adult diapers the other day, GIVE THANKS. They then gave me a huge to go carton filled with turkey, potatoes and corn and it fed 8 of us in the colonia. The fact is, I was bummed yesterday because we couldn't get the mortgage, The Truth is, IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE. THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT FOR THE TRUTHS HIDDEN IN OUR HEARTS. Paula is cooking everything for a great dinner right now to take to Mexico and share with our friends there that we are THANKFUL for everything they do to help us. I could probably sit here and type for hours THANKING GOD for so many different people and events that we are THANKFUL for and let me start and end with YOU! HAPPY THANKSGIVING.


After coming across this property last week, we have been praying and seeking the Lord about selling our house and buying this established ministry in San Juan only five miles from our house. As God expands all of the things and food donated to us to give to the poor, we are simply buried in stuff. Our garage has been full of a rotating stock of food, clothes and other household items. This new property has 1 acre of land, 2 R.V. hookups, 6 bedrooms, 4 baths, bunk beds, 2 kitchens, a huge shop to store and distribute food and clothes, a fork truck, a tool shed and is in a quiet area that is fully fenced and secure. We can use the facility to house teams in, have retreats, and most important, continue the ministry Dave and Joyce White have established there for several years. We went to a few banks yesterday and were a little disappointed. It's going to be tough to qualify for a mortgage when your income is based on the generosity of others to donate to the ministry to be able to pay for the place until our house sells. So wisdom is telling us to put our house on the market and trust God to do what He does best and that is to extend us FAVOR, and continue to use us to those in need, only more! We have 20,000 lbs of donated beans coming here soon and another ministry has given us an entire warehouse of clothes, furniture and household goods. WHY IS GOD PUTTING ALL OF THIS IN OUR HANDS WITH NO SPACE? AHH, HE HAS A PLAN, PLANS TO PROSPER US AND NOT TO HARM US, OF COURSE, HIS WORD IS COMING TO PASS FOR US AGAIN!!! People say it may be time to get out of the boat again and trust God. HEY WAIT A MINUET! WE HAVEN'T GOTTEN BACK INTO THE BOAT FOR THREE YEARS,WE HAVE BEEN WALKING ON WATER SO LONG OUR PRUNY FEET HAVE PRUNES. If anyone would like to partner in this new season and sow a special seed, or even a loan until our house sells feel free to do that and God Bless you if you do, and God Bless you if you don't.

Possible ministry home inTX

Kitchen ceiling
guest kitchen
Bunk beds
bunk beds
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View fromthe front
View from the back
Private kitchen
Storage area
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Front of the home porch
Cars porch
Water fountain
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We are having problems loading pictures on the blog, so if you only visit the site for the pictures, we're sorry. The past week has been a week of huge blessings. Our friends Rick and Diane Balmer from LaHarpe Illinois have been here planning their missions trip projects for their ministry Carpenters Crew coming down after the first of the new year. A new place to house the team closer to the work sites has been chosen, a church will be built in Brownsville by them as they minister on this side of the border for one week and then the next team will work with us in Mexico, doing various projects here and in Progresso. Friday we had a wonderful time with many new friends from church and the Cross Seekers class that invited us for turkey dinner and gave us the opportunity to share about what God has us doing in Mexico. Darrin and Christina hosted the evening and have really been a blessing to get to know as we have partnered together building a house in the colonia. Sunday after church we went to Mexico to celebrate Pastor Victors 5 year anniversary in the colonia and also to dedicate the new children's classes we finished up last month, after a family in Indiana donated the funds last year to make it all possible. Loud music, food, sharing and prayer kept us there until late in the evening, but what a joy to celebrate with so many friends. Yesterday we visited a ministry in San Juan, just a few miles from our house, with a wonderful facility to house teams, store and distribute food from and land to accommodateall aspects of ministry. This is the kind of place Paula and I feel we could really make great use of and lo and behold, the couple that own the place are selling it and moving back to Oklahoma. We both want to allow God to do what He does best, and that is to put Himself on display and provide for His plan in our lives. Selling our house and buying this one would be close to a wash, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Pray for wisdom for us from on high! With 20,000 lbs of beans being donated to us and the opportunity to handle much larger amounts of food and things to give away, the place is perfect and even comes with a fork truck and warehouse along with rooms to sleep 15 people and a separate kitchen all in perfect condition.Divine timing?


After spending a week with our two girls and my brother, it was good to see everyone in the colonia today. We pumped water and took care of a few things, but the best news we got was that Eliazers prosthetic leg we bought him fits perfectly. The doctor in Reynosa made some adjustments and added some padding inside and it will serve him well after his other foot heals and he can stand up. AMEN, and thanks for praying that strange request. After spending a week on a beautiful island, it's good to be home, however, God could possibly call us to serve in Cozumel. There is a lot of poor people there and many need better homes to live in. Any takers for a missions trip to Cozumel?