The trip up from Texas was to say the least, an adventure. Paula and I knew that the enemy was trying everything to stop us from giving our truck away. We prayed through all the attacks and delivered the truck to the Kincaid family on Monday. We stopped in LaHarpe IL Saturday nightand went to LaHarpe Christian Church Sunday and saw so many of the Carpenters Crew and the One Family One Purpose team getting ready to start building a house Monday in Cameron,  Il. We stopped by the site on the way to Chicago. It has warmed up alot, and all the snow us gone. THANKS FOR PRAYING US IN


    So were getting the R.V. packed up and tying up a few final things around here, We have our trip planned out. We were going to take my smallest trailer to load up some electrical supplies getting donated and a few doors while up in Chicago and on the return trip home. A text from missionaries now living in the Chicago area, with a need for a vehicle. God told me what to do, but I wanted confirmation from God telling Paula the exact same thing, so I wrote down the instruction God gave me and put the time on it as well, stuck in a drawer, and told Paula to ask God what He had instructed us to do. The next morning she was sharing a cup of coffee with a friend and I asked her what God had said to her? Be specific I said. She said that God had instructed us to give the truck we don't use much anymore to the family in need, and we needed to haul it up there behind the R.V. with our 20 foot flatbed. I ran to the room where I had written the instruction down the night before and asked her to read it aloud for our friend to hear as well. Tears flowed as Paula read the note. It was exactly what God had instructed me to write the night before. Now the enemy has been working double time to steal the blessing, we have second guessed the Lord, made a few excuses, I took the truck to my mechanic to have the heat fixed and the noise in the rear end fixed and told him I needed it back yesterday afternoon so we could leave. It didn't get fixed and the bill is going to be several hundred dollars, Paula had some health issues yesterday, nothing seemed to go right after we committed to follow Gods instruction. I don't even know if the truck will fit on the trailer, but I'm sure if God gave us such a specific instruction, It will fit!!!!  So pray for us as we travel, the overall length of the R.V. and trailer is almost 60 feet, I'm going to feel like the old truckin days.


    As Paula and I start the packing process to head up to Chicago this week, I am sitting at the computer making copies of donation checks we received this week. I want you all to know that every time I go through this process, I am overwhelmed with emotion. I thank God for every one of you and for the sacrifice you make to keep us doing what we do. God is so real to me when I get to see your faith by the gifts you send. It doesn't take faith to keep " your"money. It takes great faith to release it into the hand of God, trusting that it will be multiplied, and used for His Glory and Purpose. So for that we are so eternally grateful, and believe me God has multiplied your gifts. While there are some ministries and missionaries that seem to struggle financially, God has used all of you to keep us from that struggle in our heart wondering if the ministry will survive. We just keep on helping as many poor people as we can, and feeding as many people as we can and building as many houses as we can, and trust God to provide, AND HE DOES!!!
     So I guess, as we pack up the R.V. and load up the cats and all that has to come along for the ride, I'm already missing Mexico and the people there. Paula had her sewing class today and the ladies are real sad to see her go for a few weeks. They really really love the time they spend together, and we love seeing them every week as well. But you know what? We need to spend a little time with family, especially since Kristin is bearing our first Grandchild and is having the baby shower next weekend. Kelly is flying in on Thanksgiving day to spend several days as well.We sometimes feel a little guilty when we leave Mexico for a few weeks, but we really shouldn't. We so love doing what we do, but we need to get away once in a while and refresh a little.
    So while we're up North, I've already got plans to meet with some people regarding ministry, things to pick up, or arrange to have it hauled down here, stops to make along the way and visit some supporters, but I hope God will just work it all out, and I know He will, that we could just be free to just enjoy our kids and time with family and friends as God permits with such a short trip.


Saturday morning I got a delivery of siding and doors. Enough to build 3 houses.  Just getting ready for all the building in December and January. The Way of the Cross ministry, directed by Ben Butler  had their annual  Celebration of Jesus  in Brownsville Saturday. Over 2o thousand people came out for tons of free food, clothes, music. We ran into  Bob and Linda  Georgia there. They arraigned truck loads of donated  food and drinks.  They have gotten us donated transportation of beans. Great people serving the Lord with all they have.


    A week ago today, the team from Chicago got up, ate breakfast, went to church and then headed across the border to dedicate the house they had built. Jose Louis and Miranda had been waiting for this day for quite a while. Miranda is 15 years old and had been praying for this day. Her Dad, Jose, and her came from North Carolina several years ago and both speak English. They greeted us with a huge pot full of fresh tamales to celebrate the day. Even though we had just eaten at Whataburger on the way, we all ate some tamales and then the girls put the finishing touches on the house.
    The celebration was kicked off with some music from David and Luzma as is their custom to join us on dedications. Pastor Antonio was also there and read from Psalm 127 where it says" unless the Lord build the house, we labor in vain'. How true!!! So often I'm so concerned about getting the house built, I forget that it is indeed God is working in and through all of us building it for His Glory.
    So after the team left and traveled back to Chicago, and after Theresa made it safely back to San Antonio to have surgery, we are left to get started on the next project and plans for Christmas in the colonia. I decorated the outside of the Community Center with some donated lights Thursday as Paula held her sewing class.
    Friday, Paula, Carmelo and I went to visit a few families in need of a house. We came across Jorge Flores living in what I would call a completely uninhabitable house made of sticks, mud and tarps. I had passed by this lot several times and thought it was abandoned, but lo and behold Jorge and his Wife Juanna have lived there for over 20 years. They were one of the first, if not the first families to take possession of  a lot in the colonia. We decided right then and there that they would be getting a house this year or early next year when teams start coming from Illinois. Click on the picture and look at the condition of the house.
      I've been clearing out the beans and rice in the warehouse getting ready for the beans from Warner Farms in S.D. Loius Davenport from Power Ministry called and wants to volunteer to pick up a load and bring it to us. He lives in Idaho and has a semi truck and trailer and wants to bless us. Another load will go to Chicago to feed the poor there, and the remaining two loads will come here after the first of the year. I call this an explosion of Gods Favor. Money to build houses, beans and rice to feed millions of meals, opportunities every where to help people in need.
    Our friends at One Family One Purpose are getting ready to start the framing phase on the two houses in Illinois. They had an auction yesterday and raised over 25 thousand dollars for the houses. They also auctioned off four quilts that the women in the colonia had made.


   Trying to sum up a week of seeing Jesus living through some extraordinary people is like trying to explain how much God loves you. It's possible, but it would take forever, and that's kinds what this week has been. Sure we built a house and dedicated it Sunday, sure the men from Mexico helped me last week get a jump start on the house, and sure we had had a wonderful time, but so much more happened and it all ended yesterday when we went to Melody Orphanage in Reynosa to work. The Casa Hogar is still a long way from being open, but there is work for many people for many months to join us in the effort of getting it opened. There are many kids in need of this place being open, and we;re doing what we can to help. While Joe, Barb, Kathy, Mark and Karen primed and painted upstairs, our ever faithful friend and partner Carmelo and I mixed at least a ton of concrete by hand to fill in the floor where the electric lines have been installed. Wow what a work out!!!
    At the end of the work day, many people from Jaimes church came and brought chicken and beef to grill for us, and while all that was getting cooked, Nacho started playing his guitar and before long I grabbed mine in hopes of learning from this 40 year master of the strings. We had an awesome time playing together and Jaimes son joined us by banging out the rythem on his drum set. By far, the best time I have had since learning to play the guitar this year. Nacho is really great, and I have a lot to learn.
   On a sad note Theresa came down from San Antonio to join us for the week and is currently in the hospital down here with severe colon blockage, so please pray for her as she allows God to work it for the good.



Today, we arrived at the colonia to hold our monthly food outreach. Hundreds of people were already waiting. The team from Chicago had prepared everything yesterday and we set up the sound equipment and Pastor Jaime  and I  led everyone in a few songs as people signed in. The message Jaime gave spoke to the hearts of 4 people to surrender  their lives to Jesus.  An awesome  time!!!.
     Carol and Herb Moering have been a huge blessing to us this week,  preparing meals for us every night. Last night after a long wait on the bridge,  we were blessed with a complete  Thanksgiving dinner.
    After the food outreach today, we put the finishing touches on the house  for Jose and Miranda. The girls went shopping and they decorated the house for tomorrow's celebration  and dedication.
   Thanks for the prayers and support of the  ministry.


    Unity is probably the one characteristic that can make Jesus smile. When His children work together with the same mindset of  helping people, any people, whether at home or on a missions trip. This week has been just that. The last few days we, meaning the people that live in mexico, and a team of servants from the Chicago area came together with one purpose, to build a family a new home. Wednesday four men from the colonia helped me get a start on the house that the team was coming to build. I know I shouldn't start building before the team get here, but there is always the stress of getting it all done, so building the four walls before hand takes the stress out of the picture. Yesterday, Lee, Joe, Mark, Hans, Carmelo, Rickey and I got a lot of work done that will enable us to finish today and dedicate it Saturday after our monthly food distribution.
    While the women spent the day visiting people and helping Paula with the sewing class, we braved the 90 degree temps and got the roof on the windows in and the door hung. Today the girls will come and help put the finishing touches on the house and get ready for dedication day when Jose Louis and his daughter Miranda open the door on their new home. An early departure yesterday made for a short line at the bridge, which is always a blessing. On that note I finally am in the final stages of getting my Sentri Lane pass which will virtually eliminate waiting in line on the bridge anymore. WHAT WILL I COMPLAIN ABOUT WITHOUT THE LINES AT THE BRIDGE?????