Over the last 8 days, Paula and I drove over 2000 miles throughout Mexico, joining in outreachessence in 5 cities with 26 passionate brothers and sisters in Christ. It was so refreshing to witness so many people getting saved because of the Love exuded by those that came to serve.
We loaded up the van with beans and rice and headed to Puebla Mexico to join Phil and Marianne Chain and the doctors, dentists and young adults from Chiapas Mexico. We spent 3 nights in Puebla and held open air outreaches in two different colonia. Hundreds of families came and scores got saved, adults, children.
Wednesday we drove 5 hours to a town up in the mountains next to the state of Mecheocan. Paula and I left the team to drive south 3 hours to visit Paula's family. They were all grieving the loss of Paula's half sister Leona. If even for a 36 hour visit, it was well worth the drive. We bought several hundreds of pounds of beans and rice to take back to remaining outreaches.
We returned to meet the team as they were just giving out the backpacks to the kids. We were happy to be able to get back in time to witness all the joy on the kids faces. Paula had been helping Marrianne with fitting people with glasses, and led over 50 people to faith in Christ.
After Saturday's outreach, the local church family made us lunch, and in ano emotional goodbye full of hugs, tears, and pictures we headed to Queretaro to spend the night and put 6 team members on flights back home. Phil, Marrianne,Paula and I made the 12 hour drive back to Texas. Some Friday night violence in Reynosa had us a little concerned, but all was clear when we came through. Thanks for the prayers and support that allowed us to go where God wants us to go, and do what God wants us to do. Your part of every Blessing, and salvation that God orchestrated. GRACIAS.
We're already planning on going back, maybe during Christmas this year. Lord willing, except the next trip is way down to Chiapas.


The last two days, we have witnessed the move of the Holy Spirit touching hearts and minds concerning Jesus Christ. Servants from Cancun,Chiapas,Puebla, Mexico, Oklahoma,South Carolina,and Texas, all came together in one according to share the Gospel.
A huge tent was set up for the first days outreach. Yesterday we were able to use a school. The youth team from Chiapas set up the sound and stage for the children's programs, while everyone else set up booths for the doctors, dentists, medicine, eye glasses. Prayer bathed the team every morning.
Paula helped translate for Marrianne at the glasses station. They led over 50 people to faith in Christ in two days. Scores more saved as well. A great time serving.
Paula's sister Leona, and my Uncle George passed away in the last two days. We leave this morning for the State of Mexico for three more out reaches 5 hours away.


As if we don't spend ourselves enough on the border in Mexico, today Paula and I are heading to the mountains in Puebla,Mexico to join our directors Phil and Marianne on thier outreach to the least of these in Mexico. They're doing medical,dental and vision out reaches as well as backpacks filled with toys for all the kids.
We have always wanted to join them, but our group schedule didn't allow us to. I know God orchestrated this year's schedule for such a time as this. Please pray for us as we travel and minister until we return next Thursday.
We joined the Garcia family in the colonia Wednesday night to celebrate David's birthday at Pastor Antonios church. The Church was full of members and well wishers. 2 years ago it was a congregation of 5 to 10 people. Now there is over 40 in regular attendance, and we're praising God for the hunger in the hearts of people to know God better.


Curtis and Brandi Adams brought a small but hard working team from Greenwood Baptist Church in Bowling Green Kentucky. They wanted to stay with the kids at Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa. We had to take the Georgopulos family to the airport monday, so the team took thier free day at the beginning of the trip instead of the end.
We started building Tuesday for Rodrigo and Francesca. The team worked along side of our Mexican friends and we accomplished much by days end. Wednesday we finished the house and all the work inside. The dedication was planned for Thursday late afternoon, to allow the team to join Shawn and Carla Estes with Fortify Ministries at the Reynosa garbage dump.
We met Shawn at Sende Vida Ministry after touring the ministry serving those that get deported from the USA. We headed to the dump, and set up tables to serve the people who live there, scrounging through garbage all day to find something of value to sell. The smell and flies were unbelievable, and that is why we all choose to serve the least of these. Pastor Johnathan gave a great message as the people lined up to be blessed. Brandi, JP and I started singing and praising God with our guitars. Within an hour and a half we were heading back to the Colonia to dedicate the house we built.
When we arrived, there were probably 30 friends and family members there to join in the celebration. We sang several songs before the dedication message and prayer. I shared how truly blessed the people are in this Colonia, after witnessing the filth and stench of families living at or near the dump.
After Rodrigo carried Francesca across the threshold,the family served us,you guessed it, chicken and mole. We went to Luzma and David's house for coffee and sweet bread, after the dedication. We started playing our guitars,tambourine, and ukulele. We had an awesome time of worship. We said adios to the team at the community center as they headed back to the Orphanage and we headed home.
What a great year it has been so far, as group after group comes down here to serve the needs of others. Paula and I are both so grateful to God for entrusting us with such a ministry, and providing us with everything we need for life, and ministry. Thanks again for all your prayers and support, we can't say that enough!


We're so blessed and honored to have so many people coming to the front lines of the battlefield. We're all battling poverty and the people oppressed by it.
After Sunset Presbyterian left, the Georgopulos family stayed a few more days to visit Melody Orphanage,v which they have been a part of building. We attended our church Sunday and ate lunch in Mexico and then spent time at Melody. Everyone falls in love with Jaime and his family.
The Georgeopolus family left Monday and the team from Greenwood Baptist Church from Bowling Green Kentucky arrived. We started building yesterday and will finish today and dedicate tomorrow, feed the people at the dump with Fortify Ministries. Then they leave Friday.


For the last 6 days, there has been a group of 16 people all from the same church, but unfamiliar with most. God did a wonderful miracle in all of them, and us. How can 18 people come together and within a few days, share openly and honestly about the week. GOD AND GOD ALONE.
Yesterday we decorated and dedicated Fernando and Dianna home. After the flurry of activity to haul everything into the house, set it up, and get everything in place, the family walked through the tunnel of hands raised. Several people shared different scriptures, Paula and I shared the Gospel with Fernando and his son Emilio and they both accepted Christ and got born again right before our eyes. Fernando carried Dianna across the threshold as we rejoiced with them. After all the family checked out the new house, we all are some great chicken.
While gathering to pray before we left, the question of marriage came up. Fernando, Andreas and Victor all got on one knee and asked thier long time partners to marry them. Team members took off thier rings and gave them to the men to give to thier mates. What a day. Soon after that, Victor gave his life to Christ.