Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

Please take a minute to look at our review of the year. Blessings!


Yesterday, we dedicated the house we built over the last week. Alberto, Yolanda and their kids Alma and Alex were all brought to tears as we prayed over them and handed them the keys to a Christmas present they could only dream about. A great message from Jaime, worship by The Garcia family and a few testimonials from the team. Our daughter donated most of the money to build it after the family that planned on coming, couldn't. She let go of what was in her hand, and God made up the difference. The money left her hand, but it will never leave her life.
As we get our hearts ready for Christmas, we have been blessed with the funds to buy hundreds of soccer balls, blankets, dolls, umbrellas and so much more to give out to the poor kids in Reynosa, Oaxaca, Chiapas and who knows where else they'll end up.
We joined Shawn and Carla Estes at the garbage dump Monday to bring food, shoes, toys and the message if hope to those that live and work in the dump.
We're trying to get our Christmas news letter on this site, so if you need to open it, then you can read it. We sent out 130 cards and letters to those that have made a donation toward our ministry this year, because we have your addresses on file, and if we missed you, SORRY!


Yep, it snowed here two Fridays ago, and it was almost cold enough again this past Friday. We were here in 2004 on a missions trip when it snowed several inches. Lots of snowmen everywhere.
We had wood delivered to Yolandas house over a week ago, but the wet weather kept them from getting it all painted. I had several guys willing to help us build it because the family that was coming to build it could not come. We promised her a house by Christmas, and she'll have it.
We only had one day, Thursday to build, rain called for Fri, Sat, Sun. We got a lot done and threw a tarp over the rafters to keep the wood dry. Our Sunday school teacher Lee came, as well as Shawn, Mathew, Andres,Sergio, and Phil Chain. We're going to work on it tomorrow, but Tuesday, I have another Laser surgery on my eye.
Thanks to our generous supporters,we have purchased a lot of toys for the children in Mexico that otherwise would not get a present. 350 soccer balls, and 100 dolls for the kids, 200 blankets, 100 umbrellas, slippers and some purses for the ladies. Jaime crossed most of it for us, and we'll get the rest over by January 6th when we'll have our monthly food outreach at the Community Center.
Paula had her Christmas party for the sewing class on Friday. In spite of the cold and rain, I think there was about 50 people there. They all had a great time, laughing and playing games. Sara Vargas flew in from North Carolina just to spend the day with the girls.
We had our Sunday school class Christmas party at our house last Sunday. We had 30 people here, sharing great food, fellowship, and a few songs.
I licked the last if the 130 Christmas cards shut today, how about flavored glue! Anyhow, it's the only newsletter we send out, I'll post one on the blog this week. It's been another record year as we are in the process of building our 27th house.
Thanks for the prayers and support to make it all possible.


Two days ago, I dropped Kristin and Lea off at the airport and it was 84degrees. Today it's been cold and rainy and only 45. They said there's a chance of snow by morning.
It was sure nice to have Kris and Lea here for a week. We were able to show her off at the Community Center for the monthly food outreach where 250 adults and 150 kids jammed the Community Center and the street. We ran out of everything except for beans and rice, because Sergio and China got tons of beans and rice across the border while we were in Chicago for Thanksgiving.
The wood for our 27th house that we have built, was delivered yesterday. We're hoping to build it next week, when it warms back into the 70's.
Please pray for David Garcia, I just heard he is in the hospital with a possible heart attack. David and his wife lead worship for all our outreaches and always come to our house dedications.
As Christmas approaches, we will be buying hundreds of toys and soccer balls to give out on January 6th. We are also funding outreaches in Oaxaca Mexico where the earthquake hit in 3 months ago. Thanks for the prayers and support to continue to bless those less fortunate.


We indeed are so very Thankful for all God has done, and for our family of supporters that make it possible. We are with family in Chicago where it's unseasonably warm and we're thankful for that.
Last week we were able to see God do an amazing work in the hearts of the family we built a house for. The house was donated by George and Carla Georgopulos. We spent the four days building it with the help of the locals. Great meals were provided by the family al week. Dedication day had the whole extended family of Maria Guadalupe giving thanks and their hearts to Jesus.


10 days ago, a church from North Carolina came over on their way to do hurricane Harvey relief in the Houston area. They came and bagged up 10,000 gallon bags of beans and rice. What a huge blessing to us and the ministry. While they were busy bagging, Gator and I drove 25 miles to get a load of bottled water left over from hurricane Harvey.
A few days up in San Antonio at the beginning of the week, with Shawn and Carla Estes from Fortify Ministries. We returned Wed afternoon in time to unload 5 pallets of rice donated by Power Ministry. Within 2 days, 3 churches came an got 3 pallets of rice and 3 pallets of beans each.
The wood for the next house was delivered in the rain Friday, so we cut the studs and made the rafters, loaded it all on my trailer and delivered it to the farthest lot in the colonia, where Maria and her family live. They built their own foundation, with their own money!
Saturday night we had a Quincinero at the Community Center. A great blessing to the family, that was going to have it in the street at their house. It was drizzling most of the night, but at least 60 people came despite the rain. We didn't leave the colonia until midnight. It was a little Erie on the road to the downtown bridge. The resent violence had the roads empty of most cars.
Rain again today, we need to get things done around here to get ready to spend Thanksgiving with our family in Miner, Illinois, church at Moraine Valley Church on the 26th and back to Texas on the 28th. Our daughter Kristin and Lea will come back with us for a few days YEA!!!!


Two days after finishing Jacquelines house, we started building another for a man named Roman. His lot made us build a house, 8 feet shorter. With no team here, Shawn Estes came over with me each day to help, Andres and Victor along with Roman build it. We dedicated it yesterday afternoon, after we spent the day clearing out a few trees on our lot to build a pallapa.
Today I took 5000lbs of beans and rice to Way of the Cross Ministries in Harlingen to be taken to Oaxaca, Mexico. They in turn gave us several mattresses, cases of toilet paper, and paper towels, gospel tracks and a few other goodies.
I don't like talking about the violence in Reynosa, but it has been worse than ever, as the government tries to get things under control again. We continue going over most days, and have heard some automatic weapons fire on occasion. Some groups that had scheduled to come, have cancelled their trips with other ministries we know. We don't have any groups scheduled to come until mid December. We will explore options and opportunities on the U.S. side to build, or repair houses. Thanks for the prayers and support, we can't do it without you! We started supplying these women with food, hygiene needs, bibles and other things for the women in prison in Reynosa.