It's been a little over a week since we returned from our 5 week road trip and there is already so much going on. We had our monthly food distribution Saturday and had a smaller than usual turn out. About 100 families instead of the normal 175. Maybe they are all on Vacation to some fancy resort on the Mexican Riviera, or driving around the Country visiting National Parks, or maybe it was just too darn hot to walk a couple of miles to get some some beans, rice and cooking oil. Yea I think I'll go with choice number three. I said all that with a little sarcasm after just doing all kinds of traveling ourselves. Visiting some beaches, and burning gas driving around the country, visiting friends,family and a few National Parks along the way. Any how, Saturdays outreach was awesome, they all are! After all, we get to meet some very basic needs of hundreds of people, we get to share the Gospel with a captive audience, because they're not going to leave until; they get their food.
   Pastor Jesus came again and shared from Mark chapter 1 and I was able to challenge everyone to get right with God. Now what the heck does that mean for the believer. I'm working through this myself, and when I " get right with God" I'll let you know. But I'm pretty sure it ain't going to happen 100% until I'm standing in His presence. I also shared about the urgency we are all facing with all that's happening around the world and particularly in the Middle East and more specifically, Israel. A Nation who's very history is the story of God choosing a people and then working every event around the globe to bring His message and redemption to a lost and dying world both Jew and gentile. We were able to pray with several people and almost every hand went up, mine first, when I asked who had some junk in their life that needed to be removed? A great day followed by a long wait on the border bridge.
    Arnolfo and Estella are getting married next month, he made it official yesterday by getting down on one knee and asking for her hand in Marriage. Two or three other couples are all going to share the same wedding day at the end of August. So we'll be busy getting everyone fitted and clothed in their wedding dresses and suits. Next stop, The resale shop in McAllen. Two couples came by to get measured yesterday. It's going to be one big fiesta down at Pastor Antonios church. And were so looking forward to celebrating with them.
    Yesterday was Ruthys birthday only 30 and also her and Carmelos anniversary of 10 years. So for 8 of their ten years of marriage, they have been serving along side of us, faithfully, and wholeheartedly.  Wow what a blessing they have been. We gave them a nice gift yesterday and if anyone who knows and appreciates them would like to bless them with a financial gift, just bring it on!!!


    I don't know if just me, but I think about the Rapture almost every day. I think about the time frame of the Lord calling us up and out of here. How much more can a Holy God take of a stiff necked and rebellious people, scoffing and cursing and rejecting everything and anything that is good and comes from God? It's almost depressing when you look at it all. and yet my hope is in Christ and Christ alone. People don't want to hear about preparing for the Kingdom to come, because we're comfortable with the kingdom of this world, and all it has for our flesh. So I'll just keep on keeping on, and do what God has called us to do. HELP THE POOR. We're wanting to get started building, but it's pretty hot over there. Carmelo, Johnny and Zach built a few homes while we were gone.
    Tomorrow we have our monthly food and Gospel give away. we haven't had one since the end of May, when we gave everyone a double portion knowing we would be gone. We spent a couple of days in Mexico this week and Paula has had two sewing classes this week(those girls just can't get enough). We are looking forward to seeing everyone, and l look forward to playing a few tunes with David and Luzma. I still don't know what I'll share with the people, but I'm sure God will give me something, He always does.
    Today was yard work day and boy was it hot. 102 I think but the humidity was only 40% or so, not too muggy. Six weeks without Paula trimming and cleaning, It needed it and looks much better. But like the ole saying goes, THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. Thanks for all the prayers while we traveled, and thanks for the donations that have been given for a few special projects we would like to do this summer, like installing another two miles of water lines, and then fixing the road, and putting in more electricity, to name a few.


In the last 5 weeks, we have traveled through 17 states and driven 5500 miles and experienced thousands of smiles along the way. We visited  with  many partners, friends and family  on our annual road trip. We played our fair share of golf and got that out of our system. We long to return to Mexico and get back to our high calling of Christ Jesus. Helping the poor,  wherever and whenever  we can, and to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. Thank you to all for your prayers and generosity towards  us. Today Paula and I  celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.  God has brought us to a time such as this to bring Him Glory through  our lives.



We're  packing up and heading west today.  Our time in the Chicago area has been rich.we have enjoyed the fellowship and worship time at Moraine Valley Church,  and our pizza party  brought over 100 people to hear about the ministry in Mexico. I have played my fair or maybe unfair share of golf. We shared lots of meals with friends, family and partners. We attended a glorious  wedding on the 4th of July  and then headed to the Elizondos annual picnic, where once again their two kids Samantha and Jacob handed us an envelope full of money to help the poor, as they do every year.  I had to edit this post upon a little conviction, so if you read the first post, I  just want to spur people on toward Kingdom things and not earthly things. We are a little stuck in this world. LORD, HELP US TO BE FREE FROM THE  THINGS OF THIS WORLD THAT WAR AGAINST OUR SOUL AND DIMINISH YOUR GLORY. HELP US TO DO NOTHING OUT OF SELFISH AMBITION, BUT CONSIDER OTHERS FIRST. AMEN.