Today we will finally have a little dedication and celebration of the family of Bruno, Marbella and their two kids Lucero, and Christian. A remodeling of their existing house, has given them a new found hope. New roof, windows, door, concrete floor, and some furnishings.
  It's our first dedication in quite a while. We've been used to having 2 dedications every month. We also worked at Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa,  finishing the stairs going up to the new addition.
  Our kids, and Lea arrive for a visit in two weeks and we can't wait. We will be leaving for Chaipas on Dec 19th for a 10 day missions trip with 6 people from here, plus our directors of Mexico Missions Phil and Marianne Chain.  Thousands of toys, dolls soccer balls and tins of food will be handed out over our 10 day trip. Spending our Christmas blessing those in the poor communities up in the mountains is something that we have been wanting to do for a few years.
   We're hoping to get our 1 newsletter out in the next week or so. Everyone will receive a calender refrigerator magnet. WOO HOO!!


  Our season, an 11 year season, of building homes in the same colonia seems to be coming to an end. Church groups cancelling their mission trip with us because of the ongoing violence along the border. We continue to feed the poor, provide clothes and shelter for those in need. Our mission has not changed, there's just not the support to continue building on the scale we have been used to.
  Maybe some don't agree with our choice to remain in such a violent part of Mexico, and thereby stop supporting us. But as we continue to see the fruit of our efforts continuing, we will remain faithful to God's call on our life.
  We have been rehabbing a house outside of the colonia for a family that sells bread in the colonia. Bruno, Gabella, Lucero and Christian have been living in a 14 X 16 foot shack. No windows, leaky roof , dirt floor, no cooking stove, and very little else. We got the roof replaced and reinforced, a new door and some windows. We'll hand mix concrete for a floor this week. Our Sunday school class at Calvary Baptist Church has taken the initiative to provide a Merry Christmas for them and the orphans at Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa as well as Jaime and Rosalbas kids.
  We've purchased our tickets to fly to Chiapas next month for Christmas to join Phil and Marianne Chain for their medical and backpacks for the kids outreach. We have 6 going with us, Phil and Marianne plus 50 or so locals from Chiapas.
  We'll be spending Thanksgiving in Ramos Arizpe at Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo.
   Thanks for the prayers and support that make it all possible.