The matching fund from our church has doubled the number of backpacks filled and distributed to 80. This has been a huge blessing to the children that don't have a backpack to carry their school supplies and books. Friday it rained so hard in the colonia, that we had to take the four wheel drive truck home because of the mud. Today we will buy several loads of caliche' and with the help of some men from the colonia, we can eliminate the mud effect from rain. Because of the rain and mud, the turnout for the monthly food distribution and garage sale was about 30% down. Normally there are 175 families that come and Sat. there were only 115. George came from our church and gave his testimony about how God has transformed His life through the Resurrection Power of Christ. Saturday night our ABF class from church came and after some great food, we bagged up hundreds of pounds of beans and rice. The kids always have a great time, knowing that this food will feed hungry kids. David and Joyce White came from Oklahoma and brought us 2000lbs of rice in a bulk bin, which makes bagging much easier, Gracias David. The rice that we purchased for Somalia, is on its way. The group that handles the shipping had to re bag all 42,500 lbs into ten pound bags, which makes distribution easier in Somalia. PLEASE PRAY THAT THE FOOD GETS INTO THE RIGHT HANDS!! GOD IS GREATER THAN ANY OPPOSITION FORCES IN SOMALIA AND IS ABLE TO DO THAT WHICH WE HAVE ENTRUSTED TO HIM.


Have you ever heard that? In America we take almost everything we have for granted, when in reality, we have been told to get in line to be a blessing to others. The blessing continues to be in giving, not in the getting. Saturday we told about four families in the colonia, to come for school supplies supplied by one of the ABF (adult bible fellowship) classes at Calvary Baptist in Mc Allen where we attend. They shared the invite to everyone else and within an hour, hundreds of kids were IN LINE for paper, pens, backpacks,, glue, pencils, and anything else we had.We prayed over them first and asked God to give them learning hearts and to give the teachers wisdom. The last Mom in line was one of those Divine moments. She had her little girl with her who was mentally retarded and that gave us the opportunity to pray for her. When we started saying the name of Jesus, her smile just filled her face, SHE KNOWS HER SAVIOR. Wyman from Precious Seed Ministries came on Sat night to fill his van with beans and rice for the poor in Alton, Tx. where he has weekly outreaches. Yesterday we built and repaired several benches at an outdoor pavilion where weekly bible studies are held in a colonia outside of Rio Bravo. Many people there have accepted Christ as Savior and are hungry for Gods Word. We have been meaning to repair the benches for the people and finally got around to it. After the bench repairs we went to IZI CLUB in Rio Bravo and bought 180 litres of cooking oil, 400 pounds of sugar, 300 juice boxes and bags for the food outreach on Saturday. We will bag up the beans and rice Thursday or Friday and have more school supplies for the kids because of a matching grant fund at church which has approved our ABFs' labor of love for the kids as a qualifying project. PRAISE THE LORD! We will buy and fill another forty backpacks. The truckload of rice, destined for Somalia has been inspected and should be at the port in Mississippi today or tomorrow, so please pray that this load would get into the proper hands for distribution.THANKS TO ALL OUR PARTNERS WHO MAKE EVERYTHING WE DO POSSIBLE.

Calvary Church ABF class project

Backpacks and school supplies
Together with God,we can accomplish more!
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Pastor Victor's Daughter

Future quinceanera
present quinceanera
10 more years we will have 8 quinceaneras
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Everyday leaves us standing in AWE of God as we watch Him do amazing things. I really believe that expecting God to do amazing things in our life is why He does. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, and I would add, until they manifest themselves. While we were in Chicago, we had Raul who stays at our house, give out beans and rice to the Pastors that come. Well, the supply had been diminished to only one skid of rice and one skid of beans. A few men had matched our challenge to help us send a truck load of rice to Somalia and as a result of that obedience, We had 500- 50 pound bags of beans given to us last Sunday! I really want to know how God has blessed the other people that donated to the rice for Somalia Outreach, because God sure didn't wait very long to give back to us , pressed down and overflowing. A$2500.00 seed for the poor in Somalia, brought a harvest of $15000.00 worth of beans to give to the poor in Mexico. Hmmm, I believe Luke 6 vs 38 is the LIVING WORD OF GOD with tremendous promises. We spent yesterday getting papers from families for school registration and Paula and Rebecca went to the school with the papers and the money donated for the kids to go to school and registered several children and had a great visit with the principal and she told us, she wants every kid in school and that money should not hinder them from attending. But the problem is paying for the bus, when the families don't have the money, and that's what keeps them from going. We are prepared to give all that we possibly can to pay for the bus for these kids. Sowing works with rice and beans, and I know it will work with bus fare! Annae looked beautiful for her Quincinera Sat night. The fiesta was awesome and about 200 people were there. Friday night, one of our Sunday School classes bought and filled over 30 backpacks for the kids in Reynosa, and many bought shoes from the imprints of their feet Paula had made.


Do you have one? A talking GPS. I bought one the other day in Osage Beach Missouri on our way home. This thing almost got thrown out the window the first day. I didn't want to listen the constant re-calculating voice every time I made a wrong turn. How many times a day do we get off track or change our plans and God has to constantly re- calculate to get us back on track? People know that I change my mind every ten or fifteen minutes and the trip home was no exception. Just take my little trailer home, or stop in Laharpe and pick up Roys huge trailer and fill it up. Well, we stopped in Laharpe and before we knew it, Roy had us emptying our trailer into His trailer, and then putting our trailer inside His trailer and filling our trailer back up with stuff donated by a nursing home that was in the Carpenters Crew trailer. CONFUSED, welcome to my world. Call me and I'll tell you all about it. We finally got on the road after we had supper with Roy and Carla Day, so here we are a 32 foot R.V. with a 20foot 102 inch wide trailer way over loaded in the front cruising down the back roads of America, I LOVE IT.!!! All went well for the most part on the trip home, except the generator quit on us a few times while it was well over 100 degrees. We stopped at Phil and Marianne Chains in Noble Oklahoma to get some paper work done as we re-calculate our vision for misssions in Mexico. We have been working with them with their backpack program for the kids in Mx. and will now run our funding and support through their Ministry. We spent the night there and got back on the road about noon on Wed. We dropped a bike off in San Antonio on our way through and picked up some gifts for Pastor Victors Daughter Anna. Her Quincinera is today at 3;30. Rick Caywood has his big rig backed up to the ware house as I speak with some more beans. Him and I had a rough day yesterday with vehicle problems, we had a brake caliper almost burn the van up and he had tire and coolant problems with his semi. Oh well what part of ALL don't we understand. It was great to get to the colonia after the repairs on the van, if only for a few hours.


Last weekend we drove to LaHarpe, Il to spend the weekend with everyone on the Carpenters Crew, that bless us and the people in Mexico every year with willing hands and open hearts. Last year they built three houses and also helped us move into our new diggs. This year they plan to build at least three houses, and if Roy has anything to say about it, they will build four. Two pot luck food gatherings and fellowship with a group of believers that actually DO the Word when it comes to helping the poor. We filled our borrowed van with baseball bats, gloves, helmets, balls and dozens of umbrellas for the people in Nopelera. We left behind a trailer load of blankets, sheets, pillows and other items donated by a local nursing home that closed. We will travel back through La Harpe on Monday and unload our trailer into Roy Days' larger trailer with all the items we left behind and head for home. Thank you everyone for the generous donations for us and the water towers we will build upon our return, we have been GRACED AGAIN, the towers are all paid for. Wednesday I played golf with all my buddies and after golf we met at a fine Italian restaurant and enjoyed a great meal. While we were talking, I reflected on the day and the hundreds of dollars our generous host had just spent to bless us, I gave thanks to the Lord that He has given us ALL things to enjoy and the days activities were part of ALL. There is no room for guilt in a life that serves the Lord, and the table was full of men that serve the Lord faithfully and are very generous to the ministry God has entrusted us with, and to many other ministries as well. For whatever reason, that has become clear since then, I challenged the guys to join with me in buying a full truck load of rice and sending it overseas to a famine filled land with starving children. I said I was in for $2500 and needed three more equal donations to buy and ship the entire 42,000 lbs of rice that will make over 250,000 meals, maybe more. Well, it's a done deal!!!! Praise the Lord and the load will be on the way next week. Imagine that, spontaneous acts of generosity breaking out throughout the Body of Christ with reckless abandon for our own shellfish needs to meet the needs of starving people in Somalia. WOW WHAT A CONCEPT!!! I called Rick Caywood, my brother from another Mother, on Thursday who gets me rice and beans when we need them, and I could hear His jaw hit the ground when I called and told him that me and my friends wanted to buy a load of rice and feed the hungry. Someone had called Him around the same time we were surrendering our wallets to Christ, literally begging for a load of rice to help the suffering in Somalia. DO YOU THINK GOD CAN RAISE MONEY FOR A HUGE NEED OUTSIDE OF A COMMITTEE???