I knew I shouldn't have mentioned a pizza party date without confirming with the church first, so the date of the pizza party will be June 1st at Moraine valley Church at 1 PM following their services and classes. The address is 6300 w. 127th St. Palos Heights Il 60463. All are welcome, but we will need some kind of a head count for ordering pizza, so let me or Paula know how many in your group or family will be there. If anyone would like to help or bring a dessert or veggie tray let us know. We always have a great time sharing about what our partners have accomplished in mexico and around the world for that matter.
   Bruce phone 708-528-4622 e mail
   Paula phone 708-275-9572 e-mail

    We have lots to do before we can leave, so pray for organization skills to be manifested in my life( Ha Ha)
     We're looking forward to seeing ya'll.


Our first dental clinic was a huge success and a huge blessing. Fifty patients in two days kept the doc pretty busy and we want to thank him for his service to the " least of these", our friends in Reynosa. Yesterday we also had our monthly food outreach and 195 families were represented. The Gospel was preached, people were prayed for and the 250 children that came each got a bag full of gifts and a juice box for the "Day of the Child which is actually on April 30th. Another great week in paradise!!
   I know I said we were so done with building houses after a 4 month stretch of non stop building, so we bought a home yesterday from a family that moved away and gave it to two single moms that are sisters and between them they have 9 children. I know what you are thinking and I often think the same way, why do they keep having children? I don't know the answer to that, but I do know that Jesus doesn't condemn them either. He loves them as much as he loves you and me and hung on the cross at Calvary for them, so I have to remind myself that I'm not there to judge them, but to help then any way we can, and through that act of worship, they might come to know Jesus. So we have to do some work on the house, and build them a bathroom, but all in all it is a good home. They were living in one of the houses we built 4 or 5 years ago with 9 other people, so 20 people living in one small house made their decision to move an easy one.
    We are planning on leaving here on May 7th to attend my cousins wedding in the Chgo area on the 10th of May, ( also my birthday) and will be around for a few weeks, attend one more wedding on the 30th of May and then possibly head to Kentucky to help World Mission Builders build a church there. We will be hosting a pizza party at Moraine Valley Church in Palos Heights, as we usually do when we are in town. We will confirm the churches availability for the 1st of June right after the church service and Sunday School classes, so probably a 12:30 or 1:00 start time. Stay Tuned and Thanks for praying for us and faithfully supporting us.


Phil and Marianne Chain are the directors of Mexico Missions, Inc and invited Dr. Clark to come and test out the portable dental lab that Phil and I bought 2 years ago. It was a huge blessing to those that came and the lab worked great. Just the sound of the drills made me shiver and it did a few of the kids as well. Many of the people had never been in a dental chair before today and Dr Clark did everything he could to calm the hearts of the fearful. Paula, Phil and Marianne assisted the Doc for over 8 hours and 30 patients. I made sure the people waiting had water to drink and even bought everyone a freeze pop when he came jingling through the colonia. I kept the kids occupied with coloring books and crayons while they waited their turn in the chair.
    Tomorrow we have our monthly food and clothes distribution and the doc will see patients after that.I built a few more benches to try to get everyone a place to sit, but I still need a few more. So much to do, so little time!


It was a great time on Wednesday dedicating the last of the fourteen houses we have had the privilege of building since January. Isaias and his wife Brenda are a very young couple with two small children. They have lived with their parents their whole lives, even after they married and started building their family. Well that has all changed for them now, thanks to the generous support of those of you that give to our ministry. We had no team, or special donation to build the house or the last one for that matter, but God. I love that expression, BUT GOD, who is rich in mercy and love , provides for the needs of the poor. We had the foundation ready for a few months and never had the opportunity to build it, until this week. Two days, start to finish and thats it for a while.
    We have Dr. Clark here from OK doing a dental clinic with the portable dental lab we bought a year or so ago. He will be here two days, so please pray for a problem free outreach. A dental visit is probably hard for most of the people in the colonia, that only go when things are really bad with a tooth or whatever.


The day Manuel pushed Connie for two hours in her wheel chair, they were in need of a miracle. A house, some food, some hope. We provided them with the food and Gods word gives them the hope they need to hang on and wait upon the Lord, we prayed with them and for them. The very next day, a family that used to live in the colonia came to us and asked if we would be interested in buying their house from them and at a reasonable price I might add. Come on, a one day answer to prayer! That's how God wants us to live. Praying with expectation, not just I hope so faith! Faith that trusts God to hear and answer our prayers when it comes to our deepest needs. I never had to pray for a house, for a meal, or money to put in my gas tank. I have never had to pray for a dry bed to sleep on, or even for a blanket to keep warm, but I have had to pray for a healing in my torn knee, and the money to pay for another operation to remove my appendix, and God showed up!!! He provided for both operations and still provides for us every day, week and month. Connie and Manuel will have their new house by Monday, God will also provide a new wheel chair for Connie, and we're also believing for the healing of her Leukemia.
   Yesterday we experience Gods Resurrection Power as 6 people gave their lives to Christ when we dedicated Feliciano and Brawlias house. A great celebration of Gods provision for the forgiveness of our sins and the provision of another house for a family in need. The Holy Spirit was moving in the hearts of many people yesterday and the Kingdom of God grew. This house was built by an all Mexican crew. except for me. Several young men helped Carmelo and Eliazar build the house. When I showed up Thursday to help build it, they were almost done.Praise The Lord!!!
   We spent the night in Mexico Friday and attended Pastor Victor Church on Good Friday and then took Him, his wife Erika and Carmelos Family out to dinner in Reynosa.


W e often cry out for God to do something, when we have a need. We need a breakthrough, a healing, a financial miracle or a touch of Gods favor, but what are we willing to do to get it. Jesus always gives us an instruction to obey to bring forth the miracle we need, we just don't want to do it. When the blind man asked for his sight to be restored, Jesus told him to walk to the pool and wash his eyes. When the Pagan General was afflicted with leprosy, he was instructed to go and dip himself 7 times in the Jordon River. When the Jews desired the city of Jericho they were instructed to march around the city once a day and seven times on Sunday and then the walls fell down. Jesus can do whatever He wants, when ever He wants to. He can change your situation in an instant, but when He sees our faith, things happen. An obeyed instruction is no more than using our faith in God to be the catalyst for our miracle.
   Two days ago a couple came to our house in Mx. Connie and her husband Manuel. Connie has leukemia and is in a wheel chair. They desperately need a place to live. They live in a little lean too attached to a friends house over three miles away. Two pallets on the ground, with a mattress on top is where they sleep. A tarp full of holes for a roof and four pallets make up the walls.Manuel pushed Connie for two hours to come and meet us with the hope of getting a house, or a room, or something other than what they have. They need a miracle and they came to us for prayer and some help. We prayed with them, gave them some food and a ride back home. Do you think Jesus saw their faith when they walked and pushed a wheel chair for two hours? I think so! So just as many people in the bible obeyed an instruction and got their miracle, Manuel and Connie will soon see theirs. WHATEVER HE SAYS TO DO, DO IT QUICKLY.
   A friend of the ministry obeyed an instruction from God to provide the funds to build a family a home in Mexico and I just heard back from Him that his company set a new record for sales last month. I trust God will continue to bless him as he continues to be a blessing to the poor.


It is so exciting to be alive in these " last days" and many believe these four blood moons are part of Gods way of speaking to humanity. If you haven't heard about them, you really need to search it out and see for yourself how God promised some signs in the heavens and for these four blood moons to fall on Jewish feast days over the next 18 months is really amazing. Tomorrows blood moon falls on Passover or the 15th day of Nissan, because it officially will be seen after midnight. We have to remember that the Jewish calendar is much different than the " pagan" calendar we use. For example it's not the year 2014, it's actually 5774. So have fun checking it out and searching it out. We also have a total solar eclipse on the 29th of Nissan which God uses solar eclipses to signify judgement of the Nations that mistreat Israel. Lunar eclipses are significant to Israel, Tomorrow is the feast of Unleavened Bread and that is the same day that the Jews left Egypt after the ten plagues and Passover. So you never know, maybe God will free us from this sin sickened world tomorrow?????
It's been a week since we dedicated Cutbertos house, but it seems like yesterday. Everyone has gone back to their lives in Chicago, and Phoenix and we just keep on keepin on. We stopped by Cutbertos yesterday to give him an extra key to his house and I was greeted with a huge hug from him. The joy on his face is infectious. He is so happy to have his children sleeping in a dry, safe home free from the pests and rodents that plagued them. It's always a joy to see them with a renewed zest for the life they have been dealt living in the colonia. If only we could all be so grateful for everything God has provided us, despite the circumstances we find ourselves in.
  Carmelo and Eliazar poured Brawlia's foundation while we were up in San Antonio this past weekend and we stopped by her house to check the concrete and remove the forms. She is always smiling and so happy to be getting a new home for her husband and kids. They live on the other side of the canal, straight across from Cutbertos in the colonia Flora De Mayo96/*/ Our cat just fell off the ledge above the computer and broke the moniter screen, so I'll change them out and post later.


One touch of Gods favor, goodness and grace, and your whole life can change. That will be the case with Cutberto and his family, as we finish their house today. When we have uncertainty about the future of our life, our circumstance, our health, our direction, one touch from God, and it will all change. This week a small but skilled team came from Illinois and Arizona to be used by God to change a family's life. Two days and the house is done! A few final touches today and we're ready to move the family in. We will put off the dedication until Friday, because Cutberto has the day off, and he has already lost two days pay helping build the house with us.
   Yesterday the girls held a hair cutting outreach, and also had many crafts for the kids to do while waiting for their makeover. 25 people got a hair makeover and a good time was had by all. The time with the team sure goes fast.
   So I hope today as you go about your life, that God will show up and show off His favor and goodness towards you and your circumstance. If you need something as huge as a house, God will provide! Maybe it's a job, physical healing, emotional healing,or a need unspoken, or maybe just a hug from your heavenly Father. But be sure of this   GOD LOVES YOU AND HAS A GREAT PLAN FOR YOU TODAY, JUST WATCH FOR HIM TO SHOW UP AND SHOW OFF.