Last Thursday, we finished the house and then had a short dedication while Larry was still here. We are so grateful for the huge blessing of his willing hands to help build this house before he left to return to Arizona. We invited the neighbors to come and pray with the family and we shared about how important it is to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. One lady admitted she is jealous that her neighbor got a new home and now has a different attitude. Being jealous can bring out all kinds of evil and angry thoughts, but rejoicing for someone else can bring Gods Favor into your life. Saturday we had the whole colonia over for the monthly food and clothes giveaway. 150 families received food and over 200 kids where there, and I ran out of juice boxes. I always buy 200 boxes but this week, muchos ninos. The message that Carmelo and I shared was from Ephesians when Paul prayed for the people to understand the height, width, and depth of the Love of God found in Christ and to know that Love. I modified some crutches to fit a child with a broken foot. After the food outreach, we took some mattresses down to the house we just built and Blancas husband Simon was there and expressed how much He loved the new house. Since it is a tradition for the man to carry His wife across the threshold of their new house, we had a second dedication so Simon could fulfill the tradition. They had not slept in the house since we built it, because the family that supplied the funds to build it had not come yet, but we said it was ok to move in because the family can't make it over.


Even though it has been very warm the last few days, we have almost finished the house for Simon, Blanca, Jesus. Edina, Edna and Irma. We have had a lot of fun building with Larry here and with the ever present help of Carmelo and Beto. It's all worth while to see the families face as the house takes shape.
The twins, Edna and Edina, are ready for their home
many little friends
Kids must play
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The home is almost done

Hussars of the Job
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Would you like a new home?
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To have a team here and not build a house in the colonia was really strange, and wonderful. When Chuck and Larry arrived, they joined Scott and Lisa in Rio Bravo to work on the church they have been building. They needed hands to tape, mud and sand drywall and these guys were here to work, so for several days they did just that and got a lot done which enabled Scott and his family to get to the real family fun---painting. you can see pictures of the church on their blog Dave and Roger came on Monday and joined the crew in Rio Bravo and then we spent a few days in Reynosa doing odd jobs that I can't find time to do. Building shelves, organizing stuff and just visiting with the people we have built houses for. We did manage to order the wood for a families house in the colonia Alacranz and when it was delivered, Dave, Larry and I cut everything, while Paula and Karen helped get started on the painting. Tomorrow Larry and I along with Carmelo and Beto will start building it, because everyone has left, except for Larry. My " honey do list" was huge and Larry drove all the way from Arizona to help me get it done. We had an awesome day in the colonia on Friday feeding all the people hot dogs, chips and pop while Charlie the Clown did what He does best, entertain the children! The word spreads fast that you have food to give and we had several missionaries come this week and we filled all their vehicles with as much as they could haul. Eldon and Alice from Dave and Lonnies' neck of the woods, Hancock, Michigan stopped by yesterday and we slid a whole skid of food in their van and then several bags of beans and rice as well. Today Dave, Larry and I did some painting on the old house before we took Dave and Karen to the airport. The outreach we attended on Sat in Sullivan City was a real blessing to us, as we bagged up several bags of beans and rice and drove around inviting people to come for free food, medical check ups and several different activities for the kids. One lady Maria, and her daughter Benita gladly received the free food we were delivering, and then also received the free gift of Salvation that comes from Jesus Christ as the kids that were riding in the trailer took time to share with them about the Love of God. So the beans and rice opened the door for REAL FOOD, THE GOSPEL. What a great week of very different things besides building a house Thanks Guys and Girls you have made a difference in many lives this week ESPECIALLY OURS!! Maybe a little rest next week nawwww JESUS IS COMING SOON AND THERE'S WORK TO BE DONE Oh yea, IT'S PAULA BIRTHDAY TOMORROW, GIVE HER A CALL
Missionaries from Michigan getting food to minister to the colonia where they worked for 20 years
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Packaging food
Stop and smell the flowers
The moon closer to erath than ever
Roger, Don't take my cat!
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we went out to invite people
bringing the food to the people's home
getting the food ready
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feeding the pople in Sulliva City TX

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Feeding the people in the Nopalera

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With all the busyness this week, I almost forgot that the people that put a contract on our house had cancelled it. The angels turned out to be tests of our faith, rather than buyers of our house. We know that there is a plan that God has and were not going to get discouraged because of something beyond our control. Our friends from Chicago and Az. stayed busy all week helping Scott and Lisa with their church building in Rio Bravo and the last few days, we worked in the colonia. Yesterday we fed all the children hot dogs as Charlie the clown entertained them with balloons. The week has flown by and Chuck and Roger leave today after we take a few thousand pounds of food to Sullivan City to help with an outreach of our Church.


Yesterday the rice arrived on the wheels of Rick Caywood Ministries semi truck. We took Rick out to breakfast before unloading the rice. He's excited about all the blessings flowing our way to provide the hungry with food. As Rick wrestled with my pallet jack, He said he was giving me one skid extra for free so I could buy a new pallet jack. After unloading the rice for us , as well as two other ministries that will come here to get their rice instead of Rick driving around , we prayed together and I gave Rick the check for the $2500.00 for the rice and before he even got to his truck to leave, he came back with the check torn into pieces and said"AIN'T GOD GREAT". When The Holy Spirit speaks, OBEY! Delayed obedience is disobedience, so when I ordered the rice after only receiving $1600.00 in personal support last month, God already had a harvest in store for us. You don't need money to do what God has told you to do, you just need God! Stoves, windows and clothes fill half of the carport and we are trusting for FAVOR to get it all to Mexico. Charlie the clown is here from Chgo. and is working with Scott on a church in Mx for a few days.