The last 4 days has had the Carpenter's Crew busy, busy, busy. Three projects kept everyone engaged in the colonia. Building a house for Yeraldy and her son Alejandro, putting a porch on her mother's house, Blanca, next door. We also built a huge outhouse for the two families to share, and also built an elevated water tank storage platform.
  We started Monday, and battled very strong winds both Monday and Tuesday . Blanca porch was done on the first day, and everything else was ready by days end on Wednesday .
  Yesterday we held our monthly food outreach at the Community Center , so the Crew could distribute the shoe box gifts they brought. We started with worship and prayer before the Doctors Without Borders arrived to hold a clinic and give info about their free clinic in Reynosa .
  170 families were there on a chilly morning . Most of the kids were in school and the per school kids got all the gifts. Many came forward for prayer for various reasons , one of which was the whole colonia was grieving the loss of two sisters killed in a car accident, that leaves 5 kids without their mothers. So sad!!
  After the despensa , Shawn and Carla Estes took the Crew to the garbage dump in Reynosa to bless those that live and work in the dump. Paula and I stayed behind to get everything loaded for the house dedication .
  When the Crew came back, we headed to the dedication. The food the family prepared was ready, so we ate first and then dedicated the house. Roy Day shared scripture, Pastor Jaime and Pastor Antonio both shared a word with the family, and Blanca was reduced to tears and re committed her life to Christ and her son in law prayed to receive the gift of salvation . What a GREAT DAY!!! The whole family was so blessed by the entire team all week. Two ladies from Michigan joined us for the week as their scheduled mission trip was cancelled and they came anyhow. Sabina and Kari we're a huge blessing and a great help on the build. George Bladey joined us yesterday and know Sebinas father in law in Michigan.  It's a small world afterall.
  The week before last,  Paula and I were blessed with an all expense paid trip to South Carolina to join the generous couple for a few days. A great time indeed.


  The Net Menders Ministry came in Tuesday and painted the Community Center,  inside and out. A team of 13 ladies came to mend our nets. That's what they do. They don't reinvent the wheel , they come every year to help established ministries. The community center has been blessed by them for years. They built the kitchen, tiled the floor, and now fresh paint. Gracias!!!
  We're getting ready for the Carpenter's Crew coming next week. We have by the Grace of God avoided the flu so far, but the changes in weather makes it hard. Yesterday 74 at sunrise,  11 am 50 and rainy.
  The generosity of people never ceases to amaze us. At years end, I always empty the ministry checking account, #1, to trust God to provide for the coming year , #2, to avoid paying tax on money we have at years end. So, God put a few ministries on my heart to bless, orphanages, a couple t.v. ministries , and the Salvation Army . Two weeks later we're sitting at Rudys Barbeque Restaurant with the Power Ministry guys . Three days later we get a check in the mail for exactly twice as much as we have at years end. The more said, " as I was sitting eating my supper, God told me to give this to you guys". Wow!. When we let go of what's in our hand, God opens his.