We left Texas after several hours of work on the A/C on the RV. A new compressor,  dryer and recharge to the system gave us the cool air we desire.  We had breakfast in Waco Texas with Rick Caywood  and caught up with Jaime Mayorga and his family in Arkansas.  Stopped at the famous Arch in St. Louis which was a first for Paula, Jaime and his family.
   We arrived at Kristin, Larry and Lea's Wed. night. We think Lea even remembered us from last month. Such a happy baby. We just hung out with Kristin and Lea yesterday.  Today Paula and I golfedon't. Now I am at the eye doctor in Oak Forest,  Illinois  hoping to get an injection in my eye.
   Just a reminder of the fund raising event at Moraine Valley Church  on Sunday  July 31st  at 2:00 pm. A silent auction  will be held so bring your checkbook  or cash to fund this Orphanage in Reynosa Mexico. See you there.



   Don't you just love to watch a great movie with such a happy ending that it almost makes you sad that it's over? Well yesterday,  The Holy Spirit scripted such an amazing ending to the week at the dedication,  that we are all sad and wanting more. More Joy, more laughs, more of The Holy Spirit, more hugs from the kids, more time getting to know the family's we've been working with, more time to share the days events with the team,  more love to pour out. But it has to wait until the Christ Central Church, Rainbow City Alabama  comes back next year.
    Yesterday we watched as the Holy Spirit touched 6 people's hearts at the dedication. While we prayed for Cesar and Alyssa before they entered their new home,  The Holy Spirit entered Alyssas heart as she prayed to relieve Christ as Savior.  Shortly after that Cesar got down on one knee and proposed to her. After entering the house,  the whole family joined them and Alyssa parents and brother Carlos, and Sister Edna surrendered their lives to Christ. And then, Paula saw JJ crying and He accepted Christ.
   Tears were flowing, the angels were rejoicing, we were singing and praising God. What a transformation of hearts, lives and families. The two families then proceeded to feed us all tamales,  pasole', rice, beans, and topped off with Mango nieve', ice cream we call it.
     The rain clouds that soaked us the day before were forming again, so we packed up and said our goodbyes hung out at the Community center while Paula set things up for Saturdays food outreach, and then headed to Big Heart Orphanage for a visit and some great food. WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR, LIFE!!!!  ONLY ONE LIFE, SOON BE PASSED,  ONLY WHAT'S DONE FOR CHRIST WILL LAST.


Yesterday,  Paula and I attended the ceremony of the first 5 graduates from the high school built in the Colonia. The ROHI Foundation and the Mexican educational system partnered to make the high school and success. Next year's class will have at least 15 graduates. We're planning on expanding the school to accommodate the growth.              
     The water lines are all in the entire Colonia and hooking up each tank on each lot is almost complete. What a huge Blessing to all the people. The water is on all the time and the floats shut off the water when the tanks are full. Our partners have made this huge infrastructure projects possible, so a huge THANK YOU.
  Paula and I have one more group coming next week,  and then we can head north. #nomoresummerteams. It's to bloody hot, and we're exhausted.
    A lot of you have met Pastor Jaime and some have visited the Orphanage Melody in Reynosa that we are helping get built. He and his family will be in Chicago and will have a fundraising event July 31st at Moraine Valley Church  6300 W. 127th St. Palos Heights IL @1:00 pm. Come and spend the afternoon with us and Jaimes entire family.  Be praying for their adopted daughter Masserate. Th


  The last several weeks have been, to say the least an awesome example of people expressing their faith by their deeds. James tells us that if you show me your deeds, it will tell volumes about your faith. Having two high school groups back to back showed us a lot about their faith. 100 degree temps, humid, sweaty, and not one complaint! From them anyhow. I'm sure I complained once or twice. But these kids and their leaders get it! They are not " pew pigs", just going to church every week so they can hear the Word and then figure out where to go for lunch. They are putting their faith into action and " DOING" Gods Word, as does every group that comes to "Spend themselves" on behalf of the poor.
   We have actually been confronted by people that think we are "casting our pearls before swine" by helping the poor in Mexico and around the world for that matter. I am more convinced than ever that we are doing what God wants us to do. Missions Changes the people that come to help, just as much as it helps those we minister to through Good works. When I look around the colonia and see all that God has done through all the people and churches that support us, I am amazed. hundreds of homes built, over six miles of water lines installed to get fresh clean water to hundreds of families. Hundreds of thousands of meals given out with our monthly food outreach, thousands of bibles, tracts and aids to spiritual growth. God is up to something and a great shaking is happening in the spiritual realm. He is shaking everything that can be shaken, including the church!
    The group that was here last week, for the very first time, from Sunset Presbyterian Church, Portland Oregon just sent me an email to book another trip with another team next March. The experience they had here changed them all and now they want to come back. I'm sure it's for Paulas cooking. So as I read the book someone gave me" when helping hurts" pray for me because I go in with a pre conceived notion that the help we are doing is not hurting anyone, but giving them a dry, weatherproof home, and a small amount of food every month. But I could be wrong!  WHAT!!!