Sunday morning,  the Power Ministry guys, 65 in all, came to the Community Center for their last day in Mexico . We had coffee and sweet bread ready for their arrival . After 3 long weeks, with 3 different teams, spending themselves on behalf of the poor and oppressed in Mexico. Several building projects along the border stretched them all.
   Joining them in their worship time, communion , and the Word  is always a joy. It is an Amazing time with them . We appreciate the support they give to many ministries , supplying , food and financial support.


  Saturday we joined Shawn and Carla Estes,  the Carpenter's Crew and several others at the garbage dump in Reynosa and blessed 75 families with food, backpacks, tarps,  jackets and blankets.  Jaime came and shared the Good news of the Gospel,  and 48 bibles were given out. Jaime and I left the people in  worshipping  in song.
   Monday,  the Power Ministry guys came back to finish Marianna s house.  Guys started building the porch, wiring the house,  painting,  putting in the loft window and finally putting the roof on the porch. Unfortunately the wiring wasn't done by the time they had to leave. We had a few minutes of prayer with the family before they left at 12:30.
   We finished the wiring and Paula,  China, Yolanda and her daughter Alma decorated the house to make it all pretty. Jaime shared a message and Marianna two brothers, Jesus and Juan accepted Christ as Saviour. Tears filled our eyes as they surrendered their lives to Christ.  Marianna and her kids entered into their new house, and the kids were overwhelmed with screams of joy.
  What a great time building with Power Ministry and helping them get siding and roofing materials for the other projects they had in Reynosa.



 After the record numbers on 3 Kings Day, we had to pour two foundation's to get Ready for the Power Ministry guys coming last Monday.
  Sergio and I joined Power for their morning worship and devotion in Hidalgo Texas, at Border Missions. We got a late start building but got the main house built and roofed by days end. Next Monday they're sending another team to build the orch and dedicate the house.
  The Senior Carpenter's Crew has been working all week in Progresso Mexico on 3 projects. Shawn and Carla Estes have been helping them while we've been with Power.
  Today I take Paula to an Orthopedic surgeon to assess her MRI we got on her knee last week.  It doesn't look good for avoiding surgery. Her right knee has tears in the meniscus.  Pray for healing, and or a speedy recovery.  Off to the doc, Adios!


 Today we held our monthly food outreach and also celebrated 3 Kings Day.  It's a bigger celebration in Mexico than Christmas.  Wise men still seek Jesus!
  There were 250 adults and 250 children. Thanks to all that support the ministry,  we were able to buy hundreds of gifts for everyone.  The preparation began weeks ago,  buying blankets, umbrellas, and toiletries for the adults,  and hundreds of soccer balls, dolls, backpacks filled with toys, and candy. We also purchased 20 Rosca cakes and made coffee and hot chocolate for everyone.  We rented 2 tents, and 200 chairs to make sure we had seats for everyone.
  The Christian Mariachi band we had last spring came again and played for the adults,  while David and his wife Luzma entertained the kids, along with St Nick. Many vollenteers made it all come off with out a hitch.
  A small team staying at Big Heart Orphanage  came Thursday and moved tons of dirt and gravel to clean the lot for the tents, also inflated the soccer balls. We poured the concrete floor on the lot just in time to set up the tents.
  Thank you to all that support us and the ministry to make these outreaches possible.