As we did all the work that we can physically do on the Lopez house in Donna,  God has provided the resources to continue to the finish line with some donations to get it done. I sent the Lopez family to Lowe's to purchase the roofing materials and cedar fascia boards. Yesterday while we were at the house, a Lowes truck pulled up with all of the insulation and drywall for the house.  Ron Corbitt came and told us that it all had been donated. PTL.
  Monday we took a road trip to an orphanage in Couhilla Mx, about 4 hours from our house. Casa Hogar in the Mountains is the name of it. Gator and Deanna Carter from Big Heart Orphanage have been offered the orphanage at no cost, if they continue it as an orphanage.  What a great place. In the middle of the mountains, with 25 acres. Great buildings, children's houses, shop, everything!!! 15 of us made the trip, and returned the same day.
  Melodys Orphanage has several new kids, and this summer, we will be raising money for all these orphanages.


  God knows everything! God knows what we need, when we need it, and He works everything out according to His will.
  Such has been the case over the last few weeks . Serving families in Texas rather than Mexico has been great. We miss everyone in Mexico,  but God had prepared these few weeks for His Glory.
  The Lopez house is under roof, Roberts house in McAllen has been painted, Madi Baumgartner, an 80 year old missionary, has new siding and a fresh coat of paint on her house. 12 people accepted Christ as Saviour,  our warehouse is clean, our carport is organized and clean, Andres, Juan and Bonny built a house in the colonia while we have been in Texas.
  I'm heading to the airport in Reynosa at 6am, taking a team heading to Guatemala, and then we'll dedicate Norma's house at 10.
  So thanks to Springhill Baptist Church, Sunset Presbyterian Church,  Fortify Ministries,  Mexico Missions, Our Sunday school teacher, Lee, and Ron that gave us the wisdom on a totally different build.

and the two missionaries that have donated towards getting the Lopez house built. We still need thousands of dollars to get it finished.


  The youth group from Portland worked hard for 4 days, building , painting, and building community . Needing something to do on Thursday , I suggested that they do a Vacation Bible School for the kids in the neighborhood where the Lopez family lives.
  They prepared skits, crafts, and a strong message of God's love for them. While the kids did that, Paula shared the Gospel with Marina, the lady we're building for. She accepted Christ as Saviour and immediately was in front of the kids that came, and shared the Gospel with them, and 12 of them got saved!!!
   The whole thing of building in Texas didn't appeal to me, but it was and is God's plan for the lost. "Not my will, but they will be done".
  Another youth group arrives tonight to work with Shawn and Carla Estes , Fortify Ministries . They'll stay at our place and continue working on the Lopez house.
  Andres and Juan, and Bonney took down Normas old house and are building a new one on the old foundation.
  And on a personal note, Lea got her first hairstyle. We can't wait to see her in three weeks.


  The Overflow Youth Group from Sunset Presbyterian Church hit the ground running after their arrival Friday night.  They jumped right in working on the Lopez house in Donna TX. Moving heavy blocks into place, leveling the floor, installing floor joists, painting the house, where smoke and ash stained the siding on the whole house.
  Channel 5 news was called to do a follow up story after 8 months since the original story when fire destroyed most if their house. Cecilia was the news anchor, and interviewed Marina and me, and the story aired Saturday night on KRGV 5 NEWS. I'll try to post a link but you can find it if you want.
  So heat indexes over 100 everyday with heavy rains most afternoons. Water is being consumed in record amounts. Not one complaint about the heat. These kids work, serve, worship, and study God's word together so well.
  Yesterday, they finished painting on the other house, finished early to prepare for today's VBS. Last night we attended church at Bethany Church in Alamo. We were invited to share about the trip, and as few girls led in worship , before taking communion together. A late night stop for ice cream cones at McDonald's .
  We're going to raise another 5K to 10K to finish the Lopez house . Roofing, insulation,  sheet rock, cabinets,  floor, Lots to do yet. We got $1000 donation towards the effort from a fellow missionary . So I'm thinking you working folks can match that . Gracias
  We couldn't have done this without the help of Lee and Ron from our church in McAllen.  These guys know how to build things right. Thanks


  The 16 hour drive each way, the long bus rides to the outreaches, the things left behind undone, the great fellowship . The absolutely beautiful scenery , the faces of the kids as they opened their backpacks. The tear filled eyes of those praying to receive Christ, the skills of the dentists, doctors, nurses, and triage workers. Those that cooked and served hotdogs all day. The young people from Chiapas ministering to the kids in drama and song. The 3 ladies from Jamaica 93 and twins at 91 years old, praying and blessing us all. Too much to mention,  you'll just have to come and experience it all. Next years dates July 27th to July 3rd.
  We arrived back home Thursday afternoon to get ready for the youth group from Portland, OR. We laid out the floor plan at the house in Donna, TX. With help from Ron from our church in McAllen.  He is a builder and really knows his stuff. So Hot here, we quit after 3 hours. The team will be experiencing the full fury of S.Texas humidity . They'll build the addition and paint the house as well.
  Thanks for praying for us and supporting the ministry. We are trusting God to raise up some new supporters, if you believe in what we do, prayerfully consider becoming part of what God is doing through us. God seems to be leading us to do more in Central Mexico.


I tried to get everyone!


  We left Texas Friday morning heading to Puebla Mexico to join Phil and Marianne Chain and 47 others to spend ourselves on behalf of the poor in the mountains. It took us 18 hours to get here, a few hour long road construction delays . Phil waited up for us with pizza.  We toured the area, went on the African Safari drive through park, walked up the most grueling climb to a church atop a pyramid overlooking Puebla. Absolutely beautiful , gold laid ornamental walls, ceilings, alters. Sad, but beautiful .
  We met a man named Omar, sitting on the walkway playing his guitar for any money people would give him. I asked if I could play a song, so I sat down and played Te Doy Gloria. He watched and listened as I played, after, Paula shared the Gospel with him and he received Christ as Saviour.  Hallelujah!!!
  Yesterday we started our outreach about an hours drive to a small community in the mountains. We set everything up and had a great day, ministering to the people. Such friendly and grateful people. We head out to a different community today, and fo it all over again.