Some times building the Kingdom, means literally building something. Yesterday we had to fill wheel barrows 30 times and wheel it around the back of the Community Center. I wanted to clean up the back and and pour a concrete porch, and now it's done and it looks so much better. We arrived in the colonia at 8 am and the ready mix truck arrived an hour early, wow that was a first! We got a few neighbors to help wheel the concrete around back, and within a few hours, it was all done. Sure enough, we had the neighbors dog and our cat walk through the fresh concrete. What is it about fresh concrete that draws animals to walk through it? No chickens though, Praise the Lord!
   Paula had her sewing class yesterday as well and they had to hold off on using the back door for a while until the concrete hardened and we were done finishing it. We ordered some mini split A/C units to give a little comfort to the sewing class that has used fans during the class. The men came and installed them after lunch yesterday. We put one big one in the community center and one in our house, and a smaller 110 volt one in Carmelo and Ruths house. Just taking the humidity out of the air makes a huge difference. We had one in our house back in Chicago and we had all three installed for the same price as one the costed us 15 years ago. So maybe this year we can get a team here to install some insulation and drywall in our house to allow the a/c to cool more efficiently.
     We have 15 people arriving in the next few days to "do" the work of the ministry, which is helping those in need. We plan on building two houses and doing other ministry in the colonia while they are here. Hulls Grove baptist Church from Vale N.C. arrives on Saturday, and a family from Kentucky is driving down and a friend of theirs is flying down. It will be a great week I'm sure, and because we're staying in Mexico we won't have to cross the border every day, giving us more time to do ministry and have more fellowship time.


   Today is Carmelos birthday, I thought it was yesterday, so we drove over to Mexico after a church we attended in Alamo. We planned on grilling some food and staying to watch the Blood Mood Eclipse. We we grilled, ate and then clouds started rolling in so we headed back across the border and thankfully it cleared up to watch the ominous moon turn blood red. It was pretty cool and I posted on Facebook that everyone take a moment and pray for Israel. The Blood Moons always have a direct effect on Israel when they have been part of a four blood moon tetrad all falling on Jewish Feast Days.
    Well Yesterday was the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles and the church we went to had an awesome service, celebrating Israel, blowing the shofar and singing praises. We prayed for Israel and the plight it faces in light of our unholy alliance with Iran. These are interesting times we live in for sure.
    I took the roofing down to the house were building next week, and Jose is digging for water. Man he had a deep hole. He said He has dug a few other wells, but they all caved in. I think I'll buy him some cement blocks to shore this one up.
    We have 16 people coming by weeks end and we're all staying in Mexico. We hope to have some A/C hooked up by then, otherwise its fans and only fans.


     Today we crossed a threshold that we had prayed for. We have electricity at our place in Mexico. No more generators running during outreaches, no more generators running all day for Paulas sewing class. No more generators running to charge batteries and run washing machines and pump water!! God raised up the people that heard his voice and responded. We didn't ask anyone for the money to buy everything needed to make it happen. WE TRUSTED GOD, AGAIN, AND HE SHOWED UP.  Man, it's only the Holy Spirit that can move the human heart to give to something that they will never benefit from, at least on this side of heaven. There will be a reward to hearing the Holy Spirit and then doing what He says to do. I got a call from a Brother, that was up on a roof in Illinois asking God what to do with the profit that He was going to make from the job he was doing. He texted me and said that a thousand dollars was coming our way toward the electricity. Who does that??? I'll tell you who, HE THAT HAS AN EAR, LET HIM HEAR!!! It takes an ear, a spiritual ear, to hear what the Spirit says to the church, and we are the church. So praise the Lord for those that hear Gods voice, and do what He says. So Thanks to Sergio, Rudy and Johnny for hooking it all up.
    So, we have been really busy, as usual, not getting home until dark every night. We bought 10 beds for the team coming from Hulls Grove Baptist Church, Vale N.C.. Pastor Bobby and Ernie, and 8 other people were here two years ago and they are coming back next week to build a house and spread the love of Jesus. Why is it that people will come from all over the country to help the poor in Mexico, but the people in our own back yard wouldn't cross that border to save their soul? It's their loss. My prayer is and will continue to be that God will raise up partners in South Texas to join us on Mission, not just talk about being Missional. So we welcome everyone from outside of Texas to come and serve along side of us. We'll build a house and the Kingdom while they are here. We'll enjoy the luxury of electricity and Lord willing Air conditioning while we all stay in the colonia, not being afraid, but trusting that Jesus is who He said He is and will NEVER leave us or forsake us.
     I almost got a hole in one a couple weeks ago while playing golf with another Missionary, Shawn Estes. 4 stinking inches! If they wouldn't have airated the green and put all that sand on it, it might have rolled in, or not. Haven't had a hole in one in over 25 years, and trust me I have played a lot of golf in twenty five years.


      The people in the colonia have lived there for years and years without the luxury of electricity. I did say Luxury. We think of it as a total necessity, in fact , I don't think the average American could survive without it. They have had no lights at night except for candles. They buy ice as they can afford it to keep perishables from spoiling. They cook on open fires most of the time, some have propane stoves that we most likely gave them. Cold bucket baths to stay clean. Well that's all changing. There have been a few transformers installed throughout the colonia, but it doesn't provide very strong current. We bought a 25k watt transformer and the crew came late last week and put in a 12 hour day hooking it all up, from the transformer, to the lines going into our meters. It didn't include from the meter into our houses and Community Center. That will be done by some friends next week. They will come tomorrow and let me know what I need to buy to get er done. I believe we will be able to provide good strong current to 20 or 25 homes.
    Many of you have seen the colonia change throughout the years, from over 250 new homes, to water lines to a majority of the people, and now electricity. Walking in where God assigned you really does bring forth fruit. Thanks to all who partner with us to make these luxuries that we enjoy a reality for the poor. As most projects go this one is getting a little costly. We have $3700 in it so far and I gotta figure another $500 or so for the rest of the materials needed. The families that want to connect to the transformer have got to pay for that themselves. I don't want to get involved in being the electric boss. If God provides for us to help outside of buying the transformer then we'll do it, otherwise those that can afford the hook up costs will get it. Running the cable from the transformer to the furthest houses is going to be the most expensive, and I have noticed a lot of people already have a pole and meter in front of their houses.  So I'm thinking I'll be buying some A/C window units in the near future. I'd like to get those mini splits units, but they are pricey.
    Yesterday was the 29th day of Elul which is the last day of the Shemitah. The last two Shemitahs in 2008 and 2001 ending with huge collapses in the stock market on the 29th of Elul, the day ordained by God to wipe out and cancel debt. Since this 29th of Elul fell on a Sunday, we'll have to stay tuned and watch what happens. Last night I attended a church where they sang Hebrew Songs and blew the Shofar as required to bring in the New Year. 10 days from now is the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur followed by the Feast of Tabernacles on Tishrei 15 or Sept 28th when the last blood moon of the 4 blood moon tedrad will rise.  KEEP LOOKING UP. GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING BIG!!!!!


    In the last two weeks, we have had 10 people get married, of which the last two, David and Luzma renewed their vows on their 25th anniversary. Every one of the weddings reminded me of believers waiting for the groom to come to the Wedding of all Weddings, when Jesus Christ Himself calls us to the Wedding Supper He is preparing. The brides were all dressed in white, nails done, hair, beautiful wedding gowns were adorn, makeup, perfume, man these women were ready!!!! They spent countless hours getting ready, all for that special moment when they turned the corner to walk down the isle and meet the groom. They prepared, and thought about nothing else until that day arrived. They were consumed in thought and deed with the realization that soon they would be getting married. Isn't that what Jesus has called us to do? Every day I think about the coming of the Lord. Every Day! Does that make me weird? Does that make me an end time fanatic? Does that make so heavenly minded that I'm no earthly good? I think the answer is a resounding NOOOO! I'm just getting ready, I'm looking forward to an event that will last for eternity. How about you???
    As we get ready to head to Mexico today, I'm excited that by days end, WE WILL HAVE ELECTRICITY AT OUR PLACE IN MEXICO!!!!! All the parts and cables and connectors are sitting in our Community Center and the crew will come today and install it. 8 years of running generators at all of our events, weddings, outreaches. Well no more, Lord willing!! When all is said and done, the whole thing costed us about $3000.00. That is to buy transformer, cables, boxes, connections and wire our house, Carmelo and Ruths house and the Community Center. We had a donation of $2500.00 that we thought would be enough, and as most projects, cost overruns sent the costs higher. We received a $500 donation a few days ago which is a generous donors monthly gift. It is an automatic draft from a bank, and the next day, we got another from the same donor, so I called to make them aware of the apparent double donation and said I would return the second five hundred dollar donation. They quickly responded and said rejoice in Gods provision. So we needed the extra $500 for the cost overrun.
    There is a group coming in a few weeks from Vail, North Carolina. Hulls Grove Baptist Church. They will be building a home in the colonia for a family in dire need of one. Ernie, if you read this I have to tell you we have to switch from the original family to Donaciano and Aquillina. A Senior citizen couple that got married a couple weeks ago. He is on crutches with half a foot missing and a very nasty, leaky house. We had hoped to have it built by now, but it hasn't happened.
     A pretty cool morning event in the sky this morning, a crescent moon smiling over a morning planet. I even got Paula out of bed to come and see. ENJOY YOUR DAY, AND KEEP LOOKING UP. THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS AND DONATIONS THAT KEEP US GOING TOWARDS THE FINISH LINE.


While we continue to build Mimis  bedroom,  a few more hours  and it should be done. We did the insulation,  drywall  and water lines last week.  Yesterday we bought a 25 thousand volt or watt transfomer to power at least 20 homes. A couple here a couple weeks ago donated the funds to make it happen.  The electric contractors  came today and made an assessment of what we need to get it installed and our house and the Community Center hooked up.  LIGHTS, A/C ACTION. It's such a great blessing.  Yesterday evening we attended the back to school party  at the colonia Union where the new well and distribution tank are located.  Many of the parents and children came out for the party. The ROHI Foundation  team came to hook up the well pump  and also gave all the children  school supplies.  Today we also attended David and Luzma Medina  Garcias 25th wedding anniversary renewal of their vows celebration.


    Monday, the Mayors office in Reynosa made good on their promise to send out graders to fix the road in the colonia. Two graders spent the day scrapping the road, filling holes and returned again yesterday to finish the rest of the colonia. We met with the leaders last week and they wanted to thank us for doing what we have been doing over the years helping their community. Usually we have to pay something for this type of service, but they wanted to join us in helping this forgotten part of Reynosa.
    Several ministries have been coming for beans and rice over the last week, and with our depleted bean supply, the Power Ministry listened to Gods voice and sent us 8 tons of beans to meet the growing demand for food for the poor. Loius Davenport brought the beans from Idaho and delivered them to Border Mission and Bethany Church sent two trucks and trailers to pick up our 6 skids and delivered them to us yesterday. Louis asked if I needed any rice, but I told him I had just bought a truck load a few weeks ago, so Power Ministry was able to bless other ministries with the rice.
   Monday we celebrated Zacharias and Carmelas 1 year anniversary. They were the first to get married at the Community Center last year. Anna had donated a few more cakes and we ate them as well as Duck, chicken and mole'.
   I been reading through the book of Revelation again and this morning was chapter 7. The Kings of the Earth and the Noble and the rich and everyone else will hide themselves from Jesus Christ when He appears. The whole Earth will be humbled, the 4 horses of the Apocalypse are riding, I believe, right now. We are in the month of Elul, with only 11 days until the end of the 7 year Shemitah cycle and this is the 7the 7year cycle leading into what God had ordained as the Year of Jubilee. What is in store is nothing short of a great shaking of everything that exalts itself above God. I hope you are ready!!!!!