After a week filled with a joyous dedication day with the Carpenters Crew, Paula and I spent Saturday night in Mexico and attended Abundant Grace Church in Reynosa yesterday. I had my own personal interpreter sitting next to me and Edgar filled me in with parts I didn't understand. A two and a half hour service didn't seem that long. As visitors, we met the Pastor after the service and I think He is coming this Saturday to preach at our food outreach. Ruth brought Mimi and Caleb and we picked Carmelo up at school after the service and went to HEB and bought the cooking oil and flour to give out Saturday. David and Luzma invited us to their house for some grilled chicken and sausage.
   I'm calling the two girls in the warehouse,"The Bean Queens" Angel and Alexa had fun just climbing on the biggest bean bag chairs that they will ever see. There has been many great posts on facebook and on the One Family One Purpose web site, if you have a moment check out the video Ryan Johnson put together. I'll try to figure out how to get it on the blog.
   We have a couple flying in today to spend a few days here, and it looks like their flight from Dallas to here is cancelled due to an ice storm up there. Pray for them and wisdom as they travel.


   Imagine living every day for the benifit of others. Imagine being able to get up every morning with Gods purpose and plan on your mind instead of the worlds plan. Imagine being able to build homes for people that live in shacks made out of pallets. Imagine watching God transform lives right in front of you on a regular basis. Well, Paula and I don't get to imagine it, we get to live that out every day, thanks to those of you that pray for and support our work in Mexico.
   This week , The Carpenters Crew built two houses and some very deep relationships were built. They built the biggest house we had ever built and designed for a family of eight. Yesterday we finished Navias house and had a dedication service, and while there, a neighbor, Meriam and her two children gave their hearts to Jesus. They didn't even get a house and the Holy Spirit revealed their need for Jesus and they got saved!!! How great is our God.

one home out of two is done

quilting, building homes and relationships.


   A slow beginning gave way to a lot being accomplished by the Carpenters Crew. Walls built, people loved. Enough said.


    A couple of days ago, I made the decision that the road in the colonia just had to be fixed. It was impassable when it rained really hard, and it prevented us from building two houses last month. So I ordered 9 truck loads of road caliche' and a big road scrapper and wallah, a smoother road. So I have to thank those of you that choose to support our work in Mexico, because your donations DID build that. We spent almost two thousand dollars yesterday, and could spend ten times that much if we had the resources and fix the road even better, but we did what we could with what we had.
    Carmelo and the boys continue working on his new bathroom, and I know that Ruth wants it done, because they have to walk to the Community Center to use the bathroom and shower there. This week the Net Menders have been in town and have had a sewing outreach in the colonia, painted some houses, and a couple of guys wired a few houses with electricity. They have also transported and re- assembled a huge playground for the kids in a different colonia that was donated by a park district in Minnesota.
   Well Gator brought my donated truck over yesterday and I'm still blown away at this awesome gift from The Power Ministry. Alfred is healing after his surgery, but has a way to go to full recovery. We have four men coming from Weatherford , TX for the weekend and then 48 more people Monday from the Carpenters Crew to be Jesus with skin on to the people in Mexico. Faithful servants helping those in need, I love it!!!