Last week I put forth the challenge to empty your barns. I called several ministries to come and get some beans and rice. Several came and the storehouse was getting low, and then another earthquake hit in Mexico. I KNEW the need for food would be there, so I ordered an entire truck load of rice for $8400.00. I thought I was just emptying the storehouse, not the bank account. But when God tells you to do something, you might as well just do it. So I donated half of the load of rice to fill out a truck with half a load of donated beans.
A Call from another missionary with great needs in Morelas Mexico, put God on display, when he arranged free transportation into the affected areas of Mexico. Travis Caywood delivered the load to the Pastor that is handling the distribution. Travis returned to rice mill to pick up the other half of the load we bought, returned to His warehouse in Waco and filled the trailer up with beans and delivered them to us yesterday. Now my storehouse is full once again. YOU CAN'T OUTGIVE GOD, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU TO TRY!
We attended a Rosh Hashanah service last night, as they prepare for the Fall Feasts. It was really awesome as the Shofer was blown, as people danced and waved banners.
We also bought a house we built several years ago with Dave and Lonnie Siirtila from the U.P. of Michigan. It has been empty for several months, so we bought back a house we paid to build, doesn't make sense, but there is a family of 7 with no house, sleeping on one mattress in someone else's house. We bought them all new beds, replaced the door, and ordered a few new windows. They have been putting a fresh coat of paint on the house, and we'll have a decorating and dedication time on Saturday.


What kind of question is that? We all have barns. Jesus called them storehouse. It's where we keep "our" stuff. Garage, shed, rental space, bank, safety deposit box. Heck, we have a huge shed with enough beans and rice to feed 1 million meals. Since hurricanes Harvey and Irma and now Jose have destroyed people's stuff. There was a huge earthquake in Mexico at the same time as the U.S. was dealing with the hurricanes. Why don't they name earthquakes? Probably because there's too many.
I say all that because I'm trying to get rid of stuff. We've sent money to relief efforts in the U.S. and sent thousands of dollars to fellow servants in Mexico to buy food and medicine. We just received 2000 pairs of shoes from someone we don't even know from Washington. 7 pallets if shoes, sitting in the warehouse as we wait for a permit to cross them into Mexico. Tomorrow Travis Caywood is bringing a load if beans and rice to send to the earthquake area in Mexico. The beans are free, but we had to buy the rice. Another 4K for the rice. We need favor from the govt to cross a whole semi load. We're hoping to travel to Oaxaca in November. Phil and Marianne and I several others will be joining us.
Relief efforts are quite different from the relief efforts here. Corruption and greed sometimes motivate people. Oh wait, it happens here also!!! Human nature. We're trusting God to work out the details.
Yesterday was Mexican Independence Day. We joined our friends in Mexico to celebrate with them. Sergio completed Paula's cabinets at the Community Center. Now Sergio needs to build some for Melodys Orphanage in the laundry room.
So we're busy trying to "unload" stuff. Food, clothes, shoes, money, at a time when people are hoarding. So try it, "unload" and feel the freedom!!!


Fires burning thousands of acres in the Northwest, Harvey, Irma, Katia,and another behind Irma. A true test of the resolve of Americans. Just heard of a huge earthquack in Chiapas Mexico. I don't want to make apocalyptic predictions, but the seas and earth are raging. Was the Solar eclipse A sign? Is September 23rd another sign? Stayed tuned!!!!!
Tyson, Amber,and Chuck left yesterday after "spending" themselves on behalf of the poor. Another family has a new home, after a joyous dedication celebration. Prayers and songs, and the Word of God were part of the celebration. We dodged some heavy rains while building the house. It's always a joy to host teams and get some help.
We continue to witness the generosity of our friends in the Chicago area as people that came to the pizza party are still donating to the ministry. I sat overwhelmed and praised God for his goodness toward the ministry as I processed the deposit. We are inviting you to come and build a house without the need to raise the money to build it. JUST COME! We have the funds to build! Pastor Alberto came yesterday and we filled his car with beans and rice.


We left Chicago after our annual pizza party at Moraine Valley Church on August 30th. About 100 people came to hear about our work in Mexico and Melodys Orphanage. We never ask for donations, but one couple put forth a matching challenge to build a house, and when God finished speaking to the hearts of the people attending, donations of enough money to build one house, plus the dollar per dollar match, TWO HOUSES!!!.
At the time we were there, Melodys Orphanage didn't have any children, but that all changed today. Jaime brought Jesus, a 10 year old boy that came to live at the orphanage. More kids are expected in the near future as God answers all the prayers and petitions. YEAH!!!!
Today we jumped back into building dreams for families in Mexico. Tyson, Amber, and Chuck arrived last night from Iowa. We went to our Sunday school class at Calvary Baptist Church and headed to Mexico. Sergio and Andres had one wall built and by days end we had the other 3 up.
We already miss Lea, Kris, Larry, Gianna, and Gabby, as well as everyone else, but the calling of God are irrevocable. Thanks to all that came and gave of their resources at the pizza party, we are indeed grateful to God for the privilege of serving Him.