This past week with Christ Central Church, Rainbow City, Alabama, "spent themselves " on behalf of a great family. Today we dedicated the house they built for Damien, Esperanza and their 4 boys. They told us today, before we even started the celebration, that they had talked as a family and they all wanted to give their lives to Christ. The witness of this hard working and loving team spoke volumes about our faith in Christ.
What a great week!!! Staying at Big Heart Orphanage was such a huge blessing for everyone, and allowed us so much more time to spend serving, rather than driving.
Everyone that supports the ministry is part of every soul reached for Christ and His Kingdom. Gracias!!!


This week we built a house by the garbage dump. Jose and his wife Margarita had no idea, or hope of replacing their house burned by an electrical short. But God already had worked their tragedy into something more. The house was all built and painted by Tuesday. We set dedication day for Friday afternoon, when Juan could be there. We joined Shawn and Carla Estes at the garbage dump to hold a food outreach.
The leaders from Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland Oregon road in Hectors bus to the site along with some of the deported men and women at Sende De Vida. We set up, prepared the hot dogs, Jaime preached for a few moments and the people lined up for food, beans and rice, a tarp and a bible was given to everyone. We packed up and returned to the house we built, Paula was busy decorating, Jaime delivered a donated refrigerator and stove, the curtains were hung, and then we all gathered to share and pray. The entire family accepted Christ as Paula and Jaime shared the Good news of the Gospel. Juan, Margarita, her Mom and Dad, her sister and Brother in law all prayed to receive the gift of Salvation. Wow! You lose your house one day and get a new one and a mansion in heaven all in a week.
We had our food outreach at the Community Center yesterday, 160 families came, along with Dave and Sharon Sachs. An awesome time indeed. We moved along a little faster than Norman because we had to get Sunset to the airport. Gator came along to the airport so we could go and pick up 500 pounds of ground meat.
Happy Father's day to all the dad's, I'm wishing I was with my kids today, but we celebrated last month in Florida.


I posted about the family that lost their house in a fire. Yesterday we built the whole house in 100 degree temps. Some men from Mission Sende De Vida came with Sergio, Andres, Jaime and me to help build it. David got deported 6 months ago after serving some time in jail. He had his own business as a contractor. He was a huge asset to us. He's young and a great carpenter. We got the whole house built by 5pm. I thought I was going to pass out a few times.
Today I stopped by to help Sergio with the electrical work. We left yesterday with the house unpainted and the trim needed to be installed. They had it all painted, stairs built, porch over the front door getting built, and the electrical almost done. All I did was eat the fish filets the family bought to serve the guys. That was fine by me, because I'm completely shot after yesterday.
Andres and I went to Sam's Club in Reynosa to buy the food for Saturday's outreach. We even got some free cases of tuna, oil, jalapenos and corn flour. The check out clerk told me when we rolled up with three platform carts full of food, that we get 2 free cases of everything we're buying! It's nice to get something for free, even if I had to spend $1200.00 to get it.20 more families will get food Saturday.
Our Sunday school class at Calvary Baptist Church came over last Wed night and bagged up hundreds of bags of beans and rice, it's such a great time every time they come. We bagged enough for Calvarys food outreach and ours in Mexico.
The leaders from Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland Oregon arrive tomorrow afternoon to explore the possibility of partnering with us more. Heck they had a team here in March, and another team is coming at the end of the month. I'd say that we're already partners! They've been a huge blessing to us and the ministry. We really appreciate their financial and prayer support.
Another huge thanks to all of you that support us and the ministry. Every check we get, is another opportunity to help the poor!


For over 9 years now, our ministry bank account has never been to zero. God has always supplied. I can trace God's provision back to two distinct instructions. We had two thousand dollars and God told me to give 1 thousand to a missionary that desperately needed to see God move on their behalf. Back then, we also had health insurance that cost 700 dollars a month and God told us to cancel the policy and buy food for the poor, which we did, and the Heavens were opened and haven't closed . That was the beginning of many, many clear instructions from the Holy Spirit regarding how to prosper in ministry.
I say all that because last week, the heaven's opened because I followed another crazy instruction. Travis dropped off 28000 pounds of pinto beans. His dad refuses to allow to defer some of the cost of hauling the beans. I gave Travis a check for 2K and told him that they have to accept the gift that comes from an instruction from God. His dad called me thanking us for the check. He said, you don't know how much he needed that to keep his truck on the road delivering food to feed the poor. JUST TRUST HIM! Within 7 days, we received three totally unexpected donations totalling over 12 thousand dollars. Atithe off of a sale of a house, and a huge one time gift from another family. WHO TITHES OFF THE SALE OF A HOUSE ANYWAY? People that believe that it's all God's to begin with!
We received a 1000 dollar donation from one of our daughters the other day because we told her how God moved so mightily on our finances when we have our first 1000 dollar gift away. I expect God to do the same hanging our faith on Luke 6 vs 38. It's with the measure you give that it will be given back to you! That's the key!
So I got a call the day before this financial blessing came about a pregnant mom that lost their house in a fire. We start building tomorrow with the help of Sende De Vida Ministries. Hector houses people that get deported and he has several men that are going to help.
ROHI Foundation held a medical and dental clinic at the Community Center the last two days. I think they saw close to two hundred patients. I need to post more frequently to limit the lengthy posts. ASK GODVTO MAKE YOU CRAZY GENEROUS TOWARDS SOMEONE AND WATCH WHAT HE DOES.


Last Monday afternoon we boarded a plane to Mexico City to meet with the National Human rights director of Mexico of Human rights. We arrived at our hotel at 5pm. Paula invited her niece and nephew to join us for dinner, Shawn and Carla Estes invited a couple they met in language school who planted a church in Mexico City, Jaime also invited two friends to join us as well. We all day around a huge table in the rooftop restaurant at the hotel. Paula's niece and nephew have been grieving the loss of their mother, Paula's half sister. The conversation turned to spiritual things and we were able to minister to their hurting hearts. It was truly a divine appointment.
Our meeting went very well with Trinidad and his son. We talked for several hours and look forward to working with them, to further help the people of Mexico. We enjoyed a meal on the streets of the city at a taco stand and parted company. We then boarded a tour bus to see the sites of the city. A double decker bus tour of 3 hours was awesome. Many beautiful sites to see.
Upon returning on Wednesday, Pat, Mark, and Kaylen we're waiting at our house. Kaylen is interning with Big Heart Orphanage for a month and they drove her down. We were expecting a load of beans to come, but that was delayed a day. We enjoyed a meal at Saltgrass Steak house before they headed to the orphanage.
The beans arrived Thursday afternoon courtesy of Rick Caywood Ministries. 28,000 pounds more of food for the poor. I had been sick all day and still continue with some stomach bug. A few others that went to Mexico City are also suffering a bit. Bad street tacos, or something else? Pray for all of us, as we recover.
Bethany Church came last night to get 6 thousand pounds of beans. They feed 5000 families a month and we are honored to provide them with all the beans and rice they need. We can't feed everyone, but we can try!!! l8tr