Last Friday, Paula, Andres, his wife Gregoria, and their grandson Jr., headed to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains with a van load of building materials and personal things of Shawn and Carla Estes.  We came to help with a foundation that needs to be built for a group coming in June. We're going to start building a few houses there for small groups or families to stay in when they come to serve. They're a little bigger than we have built in the colonia, and will have block walls instead of wood. We worked a bit Friday and finished forming it Sat. The concrete truck could not deliver until Mon.  Too bad, because we had to leave Sunday to attend a wedding for my cousin Tim and Anna in Cabo San Lucas. We flew out of Monterey Mexico and will return Monday.  The wedding on the beach was beautiful and we were so glad we were able to attend. We missed two funerals of their family last year, and couldn't say no to a wedding.
   We have never been here and it is really nice, so we decided to stay a few extra days. Sergio and China have been holding down the fort at home, loading up different ministries with beans from the warehouse.  We're out of rice for now and only have beans and bibles, of which Pastor Felipe took and distributed a lot if each in Chiapas Mexico.   We're ready to come home, we actually had to do some laundry when we decided to stay a few extra days, Lol.
   Thanks for the prayers and support,  and Happy Birthday Lee!



 First and foremost,  Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms. Trying to adjust our eating habits, and at the same time find time for exercise is a challenge to say the least. We are trying to form new habits in these areas, so thanks for the prayers and encouraging words.
  Although we're not building many houses lately,  our food distribution to many different ministries remains a priority.  The needs are seemingly increasing.  Rick Caywood ministries delivered 16 thousand pounds of beans last week along with 3 pallets of drinks and juice boxes.  He also threw in a pallet of adult diapers which we have a need for. Not for me and Paula Lol.
  Melodys Orphanage is flourishing with the bustle of a packed house. The kids are so blessed to have such a loving home. Jaime and his family do such a fantastic job.  They really love the kids, and it shows. We continue to be their main source of support and could definitely use more partners to join in the joy of providing for them. We continue to trust God and He always supplies. Just put Melodys in the memo column and it'll be designated for the orphanage.
  We celebrated Mother's day with Paula's sewing class last Thursday and threw in a little celebration for my birthday as well. Sunday we celebrated with our Sunday school class and then again in Mexico at the orphanage.
 Today I purchased the siding for the addition we built last summer in Donna TX. With no groups coming, I'll have to pay someone to install the siding and finish the job. God told me that I needed to finish it for the family. So building continues inspire of no teams to help. We're more than willing and the needs are abundant on this side of the border if anyone wants to put steam together and come.



  I heard that in a message, that the problems you solve for others, determines your success. Lawyers make much more than landscapers. Pilots make more than those handling baggage. So, what problems are we willing to solve for others?
  Last Saturday we held our monthly food outreach and I was able to thank everyone for their prayers. My cardiologist told me that my heart attack was attributed to diabetes.  I have not addressed that fact to the extent I needed to. So I asked everyone at the outreach " who is neglecting health issues because if money"? Several people raised their hand and told me the medicine they needed but couldn't afford.  We took their name, phone number and the meds they needed, and went to the pharmacy and bought everyone the meds they needed. Expensive but worth every penny. One sixteen year old girl, Sonia came up to us after the despensa and expressed her desire to know Christ. What a joy to pray with her. We built her family a house 3 or for years ago.
  We spent the night at Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa the other night. We met another couple there that brought pizza and gifts to the kids. We brought them a big box of Legos. They enjoyed the pizza and gifts and made some cool stuff.
  We enjoyed breakfast with Jaime, Rosalba  and Macedonio before heading to the colonia for Paula's sewing class. We arrived to a colonia with no electricity.  Several hours later it came back on. Andres is almost done with the tile in the house next door.
  Pastor Felipe came and loaded up his van with beans rice and bibles going to Chiapas this week. He makes the trip every month to bless the poor people in the mountains and we give him all we can each month, including money for gas and repairs to His van.
  Thanks for the continued prayers and support that allow us the privilege of serving those in need.