After spending several days with the Johnsons from Oklahoma, helping at two orphanages trying to get opened by Christmas, Paula has been having breathing difficulty. Breathing in lots of drywall dust sent her to the doctor and a lung x-ray. Probably pneumonia, so keep her in your prayers.
   After working at the Orphanage in Progresso  Saturday, we went to town to buy stuff. On the way out, we stopped for a famous sandwich called a lunche'. While there a street guitar player came and sand a Christian song at Paula's request. Afterwards Paula led him in a prayer to receive Jesus, because he really didn't belive what he sang, HE DOES NOW! He said his wife and daughter are going to be so happy to hear of his Salvation.  He said they have been praying for him for years.
     Today against the doctors order, Paula insisted on going to Mexico for her sewing class.  It was a great time as Flor came to try on her wedding dress for Saturdays big day. Many of the other ladies started putting on wedding dresses. They had so much fun and so many laughs. Cielo made chicken and mole'. I painted all of our benches and repaired all my saw horses.
    Melody Orphanage is really looking good. Sergio and I were there Tuesday and saw all the tile floors the guys have been installing. We purchased a new solar energy hot water heater, and a propane tank. We want to thank everyone again for providing the funds to build this Orphanage.


   Staying across the border for the week with Hulls Grove Baptist Church really allows us so much more time to spend with the people who live there. Saturday night we attended a Quincinera, Sunday, Church at Gracia Abundante Church in Reynosa, Sunday afternoon we held our food outreach to the Colonia and hundreds attended. Monday we all helped build Santa's house. Tuesday we finished the house, some of the team got up at 4am to attend morning prayers at Gracia Abundante Church with David Garcia. Not me though, I was sleeping. After finishing the house, Pastor Jaime and I  went to Home Depot and ordered all the tile to complete the floors in the Orphanage. That night we had 40 people over for supper. Every family that the team has built a house forover the years, was invited to join us for a meal. It was such a great time.
   Yesterday we stopped by the Orphanage to show the team. The tile had already been delivered and the men were installing it already. We met up with Pastor Willie and his wife at La Differente restaurant for lunch. He's the Pastor at Gracia Abundante Church, and invited us to join them for lunch. Another great meal at our favorite restaurant. I invited them to join us for the house dedication, where we enjoyed a great celebration of God's provision for Santa. The neighbors prepared a meal for us, WHAT, we just ate! But so we didn't offend them, we ate again. Today Children's Haven Orphanage for lunch, followed by two of Paula's sewing class members getting baptized at Big Heart Orphanage in their pool, followed by, you guessed it, more food.