As we close out 2020, I would ask you to take a look back. You've probably heard it said that there's 2020 vision in hindsight. As I look back, I see God's favor in so many ways. We thought the pandemic would cripple the ministry, but instead God blessed it. We thought we would be limited in our outreaches but God blessed them. We thought our finances would dry up, without any groups coming, but God blessed them!
  We never let fear grip our hearts, over covid. We kept believing that the favor of God was still with us, even when our thoughts tried to tell us a different story. Faith overcomes fear every time. Eliminating the fear is only found in faith in Jesus Christ. Many think that the vaccine will eliminate fear, or will it? Many think government handouts will eliminate financial fears, will it? The real matter is, in what, or whom do you trust? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. 
  I remember when they first said we were all going to get $1200 from the govt back in March. Before the money even came, we decided to give that same amount to 2 families we knew would need it more than us. I believe that act of obedience opened the windows of heaven to provide for us all year, and it has. The Bible says, that God will cause people to be good to us, and He has. Unexpected,  unique and totally God moments of favor,, gave us the ability to be a blessing to orphans, orphanages, widows, and other ministries along the border.
  So even though we have had some struggles this year coping with the pandemic,  not going to church, not being with our family during the holidays, not seeing our kids and grandchildren as much, its been a great year of favor in spite of circumstances. A bucket list year in some regards, a banner year in other, and definitely a different year.
  So may The God of Heaven Bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand, may His face shine upon you and give you peace. Thank you for your prayers, partnership, and financial support. We look forward to another great year of opportunities to be a blessing to anyone that God brings across our path.


  Even though we were not able to spend the Holidays with our family,  our Mexican/ Texas family filled the void. It was a huge undertaking to prepare hundreds of gifts for the families in the colonia. Thankfully we had 150 shoe box gifts donated. About 90 girls and 60 boy gifts. We purchased eight hundred soccer balls for different events, we needed one hundred for today. Paula rolled up 120 towel sets, complete with a shirt and 5 new masks. Andres, Goya, and Dulce helped prepare 150 bags of food. Beans, rice,  oil. Sugar, and a can of jalapeños. 120 bags of mixed candy for the kids. All was ready by Thursday. 
  Christmas Eve day we went to the colonia for a few hours and the stopped at Melodys Orphanage.  Macedonio was preparing a gourmet dinner for Jaime and his immediate family. All the orphanage children went to be with family for Christmas. What a feast!!! We sang a few songs, exchanged a few gifts and each of us shared a 2020 Thanksgiving story.
  Christmas day was another day of feasting as Bob Brown, and Herb and Carol Moering joined us for dinner. Today, Saturday,  we headed to Mexico 🇲🇽 for our annual Christmas celebration in the colonia. We split the colonia into 2 shifts to keep social distancing in place. About 50 families came for shift 1. We sang a couple songs Feliz Navidad,  and Te Doy Gloria. Jaime gave an emotional Christmas message while some servants brought coffee and cake to everyone. 
  Everyone passed through the community center,  got thier food, a coat, and thier gifts, and then we repeated the whole process for the next families. Whew!!!! It was a total team effort to make it all happen, and that includes all of our supporters, without whom none of this would be possible. 
  Paula brought out leftovers from Christmas dinner, and we experienced a miracle of loaves and fishes as 32 people had a full plate of food. We're tired, but refreshed and thankful. 


  After the big event at the baseball park was canceled,  Jaime and the team planned the events at several churches around Reynosa. We joined them yesterday for 2 of the 3 outreaches. First we decorated and loaded up the truck,  vans, and cars and drove through town to our first church. Everyone sprang into action and set up the tables, chairs, and all the toys and food they had prepared on the street where the Pastor had permission to close the street.It got pretty warm as the people surrounding the church came and sat down. 
  There was a clown making balloons for the kids as we waited for the Evangelist/ Ventriloquist to start the program. The kids were all engaged as he gave his message. Though Clay and I didn't understand everything,  the laughs and applause were all we needed. Clay and I were in charge of giving out the soccer balls as the kids all came through the line with their hands full of food, gifts, cupcakes, and a juice box. A great time indeed. The team is holding 2 more events today. 
  Today we attended a Church in Alamo, TX and the Pastor was familiar with Moraine Valley Church and knew the former Pastor  Bill Johnson, it's a small world after all.
  In the event I dont post again before Christmas,  we want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and trusting God for a Healthy and Happy New Year. The prayers and support we receive is still so overwhelming and we are truly grateful for your partnership. 
   I had to put the picture of our beautiful granddaughters,  G.G, GABBY, AND LEA. We will miss being with them this Christmas. 


  In the last 7 days, we have made the round trip drive to Norman, OK. Two times. I need some extensive dental work and a friend of Phil and Marianne Chains wants to help. I had some of the needed surgery done Tuesday. One extraction,  and 4 implant posts installed. Not much pain, thank God. Enough about me!

  We have been busy crossing gifts, coats,  rice, and bibles for the outreaches scheduled for this Saturday and next Saturday. The big event this Saturday was supposed to be at the huge baseball stadium in Reynosa.  But Covid-19 crushes that plan. Jaime Mayorga Melodys Orphanage has plan B in effect. We purchased 1000 soccer ⚽️ balls, 400 dolls, blankets, and have rice and beans for the adults. 

  We wanted to go to Illinois for Christmas 🎄  but again, Covid screwed that up. We got most of our Christmas cards and newsletter mailed out. If we forgot anyone,  don't be offended,  just rejoice in the Christmas season.  I'll, try to attach the newsletter on the blog here this week.  If not, it basically says MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A BETTER 2021.