I can't wait to see what God is going to do next! I know we don't deserve any thing good that comes our way, but Proverbs 19 vs 17 says " He that gives to the poor, lends to the Lord, and He, will repay you for what you have done." I've quoted that many many times. It goes along with the promises of Isaiah 58. So I will boast about God and His promises.
  I posted about the 3, yes 3 truck loads of beans that were donated to the ministry.  That's enough to feed 1.5 million people a meal. What a food line that would be. Several people, and Hulls Grove Baptist church in Vale NC, donated money for transportation costs.Well if that wasn't enough this week, Louis Davenport from Power Ministry dropped off 10,000 pounds of rice yesterday. If that wasn't enough,  I called the Air Evac company that flew me to the hospital in San Antonio  after my heart attack. The bill is $72,000.00. The insurance only paid 12,000.00. I got a bill for 59,800.00! I called them and they were willing to discount it to $21,568.15 if I could pay it in 30 days. #nowayjose. Now Power Ministry had a board meeting and approved to give us $10,000.00 towards the Bill! Whoa!! I told the lady from Air Evac that we're missionaries and funds are limited. We had been praying for favor and I asked the lady if they would take $15,000.00 and forgive the rest. She called me back later that day and agreed to that amount. #burdenlifted, #paidinfull,#godprovides!!!
   We are loading up the van to head to Puebla Mexico with a few people from the colonia to join our directors and 40 other people. Our daughter Kelly is flying to Puebla to join us and we are excited for that. It's about a 800 mile drive through Mexico, so please be praying for us. We celebrated our 22nd anniversary last week and celebrated at Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa along with Jaimes daughter Kaylas birthday.


  When sowing something into God's Kingdom, whether it be your time, talents, resources, believe that there is a harvest coming. The windows of heaven will be open one day. These last several weeks, I've been going as often as I can to the therapy unit at the local hospital, for cardiac rehab.  I'm getting stronger every session.  I want my strength without putting in the time. But time gives birth to bigger things. Mice give birth every month or so. The elephant gestation period is a year and a half. Why? Because she's giving birth to something huge!
  We've been  sowing into God's Kingdom for many many years.  Feeding the poor, meeting the needs of orphanages, building houses. Last week a man in Chicago gave us a truck load of beans. Our daughter donated the money to cover the trucking costs. This week he called me with two more loads he would buy us. Power Ministry and Rick Caywood Ministries are covering the transportation costs for both loads. Thats 3 truck loads in just over a week. I think tge Heavens are open.
  Me, Jaime, Andres and A young man named Christopher road along to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo.  I had to take a power trowel and new jack hammer to them. Now Chris has helped Andres for a few days. He's 15 years old and on his own. He wanted to see an orphanage and maybe live in one. He knows he needs a change from living on the streets. He got involved in the wrong things for many years. Jaime asked me to tell my story and testimony. After telling it, he prayed to accept Christ as Saviour. We spent the night at the orphanage and headed back Friday morning.  It was our anniversary and Jaimes daughter Kaylas birthday party. Paula stayed in Mexico while I went to Saltillo. I went across the border to pick up Sergio and China to come to Kaylas birthday party. I also needed to get Paula a card and some flowers. It was so funny when Paula gave me an anniversary card while we were at the orphanage.  I laughed when I opened it. Paula said why are you laughing? I bought her the exact same card from Walgreens that afternoon.  We have become one!!!
  We leave for Puebla Thursday morning.  Pray for us as we drive through Mexico.



  We're getting ready for our trip to Puebla Mexico with 27 people from Oklahoma and 15 people from Chiapas. We will be holding medical and dental clinics,  along with backpack programs for about 2500 kids. Hot dogs and chips every day. We will purchase beans and rice down there, because there's just not enough room to haul it all. Phil and Marianne along with two of their grandkids just called and are across the border and on their way to Puebla. There's always a need for more $ because the toys, beans, rice, backpacks, and everything else is upwards of $20,000.00.
   We had 2 truck loads of black pinto beans donated by Hope Development in Chicago.  We've been raising the money for the trucking. One load is already in Waco,  and the other will be picked up in a week or two. The need for beans and rice is rising with all the migrants along our Border. We have already donated hundreds of pairs of shoes to ministries along the border. The needs are really tremendous down here.
  We met a family in Progresso last week. A Grandmother with two daughters and 5 grandkids are in desperate need of a new roof. We decided to meet the need and we bought the roofing materials and will try to get it installed before we leave. It's over 100 degrees every day so it will take a few days.
  My cardiac rehab is going well and I'm hiring the golf ball farther, Lol. I've been going as often as I can to get my 26 sessions done. Thanks for the prayers and support that keep us keeping on.


  Do you ever wonder "why"? Why did this happen, or that happen? When is this trial going to end? What are you doing Lord? Why am I still walking in the valley of the shadow of death? Where's the mountain top? How much more can I take?
  God knows everything about everything about what is going on! He'll never leave us or forsake us! Every trial is an opportunity to trust God.  Every valley is an opportunity for God to intervene in your circumstances. The trust part is the greatest threat to the enemy of our soul.
  Having my heart attack so far from a hospital that could do what needed to be done has turned out to be very costly.  The air flight bill was, wait for it, $72,000.00. Oh man! It was only an hour ride! My insurance has paid them $12,000.00. I got a bill for $59,800.00. I'm negotiating with them for a "realistic " amount.  Heck I used to own my own tractor trailer and if I got 2 dollars a mile, that was great. They want over $500.00 a mile. Oh well, just like I said earlier, " It had to happen". If God can provide for a new transmission for us, a helicopter ride is no big deal.
  Things are going well in Mexico.  All is quiet for now. Shawn and Carla Estes hosted our team at Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains while we were gone. We saw the team before they left. We had them over for breakfast. We just received 48 boxes of shoes donated from Mark in Tacoma Washington. A load of beans has been donated and we should get them this month.Andres and a couple guys dismantled a building for a company and we have enough wood to build a house or two.
 Our camping trip with the family got rained out so we came home early and stopped on the way to visit someone I haven't seen in 54 years, since childhood. That was cool. Also we stopped and had supper with Wes and Meaghan in Weatherford texas.