We left Chicago after a tearful goodbye,  with Kristin ,Larry, Lea, Gabby and G.G. and headed to the Elizondos in Wheatfield, In. For their daughter Samanthas  graduation party . They have been supporting the ministry for years, both financially and prayerfully . The Shongs were also there, long term friends and partners .
  We decided to go to Tennessee and visit the Wells family and leave our car and tow dolly there until we return in August . Now we're in Alabama visiting Wayne and Dianne Kelly for a day. We had supper with Allison and Cole from Christ Central Church. They are bringing a team in June to build a house in Reynosa .
  Wayne and I played golf late yesterday afternoon and it was dark when we finished. The tropical storm is kicking up rain here now and we'll probably leave bcc e here today and meet Phil and Marianne Chain in Louisiana where they are visiting churches raising support for upcoming events in Mexico . We hope to be home by Thursday , Lord willing!
  About that raising support thing, we don't ever "do it". But God ALWAYS PROVIDES just as a result of spending time with people and meeting needs of others. Giving is the only way I know how to move God's hand to give to us. Before we went to Church last Sunday,  I was writing out the check to give, and The Holy Spirit told me to take an additional  $1000.00 for a single mom in need. No name, no other information , JUST GIVE IT!. I gave the cash to the Pastor after church, and told him what instruction I had received . He knew just where the need was and was moved by my obedience . Within 3 days, we received  $11,200.00 in donations, unsolicited mind you, and one man told us that he's buying us 44,000 lbs of pinto beans at a value of about $10,000.00, and Rick Caywood Ministries is coming to Chicago to pick them up and bring them to Texas .
  So, how about you? Heard any crazy instructions from The Holy Spirit lately??? He is always, always, talking to us and instructing us. We just need to listen and obey. When we let go of what's in our hand, God let's go of what's in His, and it's always bigger and better.


  The ministry in Mexico continues, even though we're not there. We're so grateful for the fellow servants God has blessed us with.
  When Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland Oregon cancelled their trip to Mexico, they still committed to raise the money to provide a house for a family in Mexico. Naomi and her kids purchased a lot in the new squatters colonia outside of Nopalera. We didn't want to build there for another year, but they were living in a house with a dirt floor and no roof at all.
  Naomi attends Paula's sewing class and is a single mom with four girls. So Sergio, Andres,  Shawn, Mathew and a few others are in the process of building her a house. It's built on stilts 3 feet off the ground because of flooding problems there. They are making great progress and should be finished by weeks end.
  With many groups cancelling , the number of families receiving a house will be much lower than years past. We will continue building houses as long as God provides the funds to build them.
  We have been enjoying our time with family, and start moving Kristin , Larry and Lea into their new house tomorrow.  I helped Alan and Lynnea Wells load their moving truck on my birthday before Paula and I played golf. They moved to Tennessee. They spent six months serving in Mexico with us a few years ago.
  I was able to spend two days in Laharpe Illinois and attended Laharpe Christian Church . They gave me a few minutes to share about the violence in Reynosa and what it means for future missions trips, and took time to pray for us and the ministry.
  We have many opportunities to serve the poor in Texas. Sunset Presbyterians youth group will be painting and building in Texas when they come in July. We'll head home after Memorial Day . Thanks for the prayers and support .