After the big event at the baseball park was canceled,  Jaime and the team planned the events at several churches around Reynosa. We joined them yesterday for 2 of the 3 outreaches. First we decorated and loaded up the truck,  vans, and cars and drove through town to our first church. Everyone sprang into action and set up the tables, chairs, and all the toys and food they had prepared on the street where the Pastor had permission to close the street.It got pretty warm as the people surrounding the church came and sat down. 
  There was a clown making balloons for the kids as we waited for the Evangelist/ Ventriloquist to start the program. The kids were all engaged as he gave his message. Though Clay and I didn't understand everything,  the laughs and applause were all we needed. Clay and I were in charge of giving out the soccer balls as the kids all came through the line with their hands full of food, gifts, cupcakes, and a juice box. A great time indeed. The team is holding 2 more events today. 
  Today we attended a Church in Alamo, TX and the Pastor was familiar with Moraine Valley Church and knew the former Pastor  Bill Johnson, it's a small world after all.
  In the event I dont post again before Christmas,  we want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and trusting God for a Healthy and Happy New Year. The prayers and support we receive is still so overwhelming and we are truly grateful for your partnership. 
   I had to put the picture of our beautiful granddaughters,  G.G, GABBY, AND LEA. We will miss being with them this Christmas. 

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