Today Paula gets to perform her very first wedding as an ordained minister. Andres and Goyita have worked along side of us for 5years. We have known them for many more than that. 3 years ago they got engaged πŸ’ and today they exchange vows. They have been together 20 some years, so it's time!! The Community Center is decorated and we're heading over at 1 for a 3 o'clock wedding. 
  Our daughter Kelly came to visit a few days at the same time Cody, Marc, and Ben were here from Power Ministry. We all went to Melodys Orphanage for breakfast one morning,  and showed them the amazing facilities God has provided this special family and the orphans they have been entrusted with. President Trump was at the border that day and made a mess of traffic. We took Kelly to Top Golf ⛳ that night before she headed to Florida. 
  I had fly to Oklahoma last week to see my dentist. One of my implants didn't take to the bone and had to be removed. A few more months of healing before I get my teeth. Paula has been seeing a dentist 😬in Mexico for some work.
  Ministries are still coming for food for thier churches and communities almost every day. We are privileged to be here to meet the needs. We need to go to Illinois next month for Leas birthday and to pick up several hundred shoe box gifts collected by LaHarpe Christian Church. Several churches in the area. They usually have a team come down and bring them, but this year no one is coming so we're glad to go see them. 
  We sent out our annual giving statements last week, so if you donated and didn't get one, or it's inaccurate,  let us know. In spite of Covid-19 keeping groups from  traveling,  it was still a good year financially for the ministry. Helping the orphanages with our resources, as well as purchasing lots of food for those in need has really been a great transformation for us. I don't miss building houses, but we do miss the groups. 
  Be blessed and thanks for the prayers and support πŸ™.

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