As most of the country experiencing record cold, the global warming cult is silent. Why??? I digress. Its really cold in south Texas, but not as cold as ya'll up north. It's actually going to be below freezing Monday night for long enough to freeze pipes. 🙃. 
  It's been a couple weeks since Andres and Goyitas wedding. It was a beautiful service and they were very happy 😊. Paula did great officiating the big event. Great food followed the vows, music, cake, and a great time of fellowship. 
  Last Saturday we held our monthly food outreach.  About 100 families came, which is more than the last several months. We split the colonia into 2 shifts to avoid a crowd. Jaime came to share a message. The day before,  he brought all the kids from the orphanage to get clothes and shoes from Paula's mountains of clothes.
  On a brighter note,Lol, the situation on our border is getting worse since sleepy Joe started his executive orders to change everything that our President Trump 😉did. Riot gear was being displayed on the bridge when we crossed the other day. 
  Oh that Jesus would blow the trumpet and call us Christians home and let these unbelievers have it all for a short period until Judgements come on all of them. 

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